Non Metal Electromagnetic Flow meter

WMP-Series Plastic-Bodied Magmeter Electromagnetic Flow Meter Seametrics Flow Meters FEATURES • No moving parts • Minimal straight pipe required • Battery powered • Built-in rate & total indicator • Corrosion resistant • Pulse output (WMP101 only) APPLICATIONS Usage monitoring, such as: • Industrial wastewater discharge • Grey water • Well monitoring • Irrigation GENERAL INFORMATION … Continue reading Non Metal Electromagnetic Flow meter

iMAG series Seametrics Magnetic Flow Meter

The iMAG 4700 magnetic flow meter is the most economical flange electromagnetic flowmeter on the market produced by seametric instrument . With electrodes designed to discourage fouling,  it is available in 4” to 12” pipe in municipal or industrial water, waste and reclaimed water, pump stations, and packaged plant applications.  (For 3” version, see iMAG 4600-300.) Minimal … Continue reading iMAG series Seametrics Magnetic Flow Meter

Paddle Wheel Flow Meter

The IP100/200-Series are adjustable depth insertion paddle wheels that come in brass, PVC, or 316 stainless models to fit 3” to 40” pipe. Adapters mate with standard 1-1/2” (11x/21x) or 2” (15x/25x), or PVC (11x/21x) NPT threaded fi ttings such as saddles and weldolets which may be purchased either locally or from Seametrics.Ruby bearings and … Continue reading Paddle Wheel Flow Meter

Electromagnetic Flowmeter WMX Series

The WMX-Series are fanged electromagnetic fow meters for use in 4” to 10” pipe in municipal or industrial water and waste water applications where propeller meters have typically been used in the past. Because the WMX has no moving parts and has electrodes designed to discourage fouling, this magmeter performs well and requires much less frequent maintenance in … Continue reading Electromagnetic Flowmeter WMX Series

Electromagnetic Flowmeter EX800 Series

Description : - Low-flow performance and accuracy superior to any mechanical flow sensor -  No moving parts to wear out - Dedicated fittings for simplicity - Retainer clip automatically sets correct depth - Meter extends only about 1/8 of pipe diameter, minimizing potential for clogging with debris - Simple pulse train output can be used … Continue reading Electromagnetic Flowmeter EX800 Series

Electromagnetic Flowmeter EX110 Series

Description :- Depth adjustable sensors- EX110 fits any 1-1/2" pipe fitting (standard saddle, for instance) and adjusts to pipe sizes 3-10"- EX210 adjusts to pipe sizes 10-48"- Meter extends only about 1/8 of pipe diameter, minimizing potential for clogging with debris- Accept Seametrics modules for rate and total indication, 4-20 mA conversion, data logging, and … Continue reading Electromagnetic Flowmeter EX110 Series

Seametrics Data Logger

The DL76 is a battery-powered data logger that can be used with any Seametrics fowmeter. It stores pulses for up to 3 years, depending on the user-selected frequency of reading. Indicator lights on the unit fash to indicate when it is functioning and when the battery is low.The DL76 can be factory-mounted on the meter … Continue reading Seametrics Data Logger

Seametrics Flow Measurement

Seametrics Inc. is a designer and manufacturer of a wide variety of flow metering products. Since 1990 the company has provided innovative solutions to users in industrial water treatment, energy management, irrigation, utilities, transportation, and chemical handling. Seametrics products have a reputation for durability and accuracy at a competitive price, and are sold largely through … Continue reading Seametrics Flow Measurement