SL1438B Battery Powered Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Ultrasonic SL1438B is a battery powered ultrasonic flow meters and features micro-power consumption and super low start-up flow rate. The high-performance long life battery, the micro-power consumption circuits and the high-efficiency electroacoustic converter makes it possible to measure out doors where no power supply is available. Suitable fluids SL1438B Ultrasonic Flow Meters It is suitable … Continue reading SL1438B Battery Powered Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Ultrasonic flow meters FLOMIC FL103X

Ultrasonic flow meters FLOMIC FL103X of the type series FLOMIC FL103X (FL1034 - the compact version, FL1035 - with remote electronic unit) are intended for measurement and storage of the measured data of instantaneous flow rate, total volume passed through the meter sensor, of cold and hot water and other liquids of similar properties in … Continue reading Ultrasonic flow meters FLOMIC FL103X

Cara Mengoprasikan Portable Flow Meter

Di industri banyak aliran fluida dalam pipa yang perlu di ketahui kecepatan alirannya, baik sesaat maupun untuk memantau kwlitas aliran agar performa mesin bisa di jaga kwalitasnya atau kwalitas product terjaga konsistensinya. Untuk hal ini biasanya departemen maintenance atau departemen QC membutuhkan suatu alat yang penggunaanya sifatnya sesaat dan tidak perlu di pasang seterusnya atau … Continue reading Cara Mengoprasikan Portable Flow Meter

Battery Powered Flow Meter

Battery powered Flow Meter Ultrasonic water meter Stratified fluid piping design for two-channel measurement, measurement accuracy · Range than the width, and less than 0.01m /s starting flow · Display large amount of information, with the screen display 9 digital display four cumulative flow and instantaneous flow figures · Design of energy-saving, power-saving features such … Continue reading Battery Powered Flow Meter

Cara Instalasi Flowmeter Ultrasonic

Flow meter ultrasonic mempunya bebrapa jenis atau meodel baik didasaran pada cara installasi, Jenis Transducer ultrasonic, berdasarkan penggunaan jenis Power, maupun berdasrkan mounting transmitternya. cara berdasarkan cara installai ada ada beberapa cara di sesuaikan dengan kebutuhan di lapangan.  Jenis atau model ultrasonic flow meter baik berdasarkan jenis transducer, jenis fungsi, jenis mounting dan cara installasinya … Continue reading Cara Instalasi Flowmeter Ultrasonic

Ultrasonic Flow meter china

Ultrasonic Flow meter model TDS-100 from china manufacture was established in 1996. Our firm is a high technology company which specializes in design, manufacture and development.  TDS-100 series of ultrasonic flow meters / calorie meters / water meters are widely used in the oil, chemical, metallurgy, water conservancy, heating, and boiler industries. TDS-100 Ultrasonic flow meter are exported … Continue reading Ultrasonic Flow meter china

Flow Meter

Introduction to Flow Meters What are Flow meters? A flow meter is an instrument used to measure linear, nonlinear, mass or volumetric flow rate of a liquid or a gas. Selecting a Flow Meter The basis of good flowmeter selection is a clear understanding of the requirements of the particular application. Therefore, time should be … Continue reading Flow Meter

In Line Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Ultrasonic Flow Meter In Line Ultrasonic Flow Meter High Dynamic Response Inline Ultrasonic Flow meter The model SL3488 inline ultrasonic flowmeter (here  in after referred to  as  SL3488)  is  a  true state-of-the-art  transit-time  flowmeter designed  using  PICOFLY technology  and  0.01nanosecond  (10 picoseconds)  resolution;  the  flow sample  rate  achieved  is  256 discrete flow measurements per second, which provides a true high dynamic … Continue reading In Line Ultrasonic Flow Meters