Flange Connection Turbine Flow Meters

F2 SERIES FLANGE CONNECTION DIGITAL TURBINE FLOW METER The F2 Stainless Steel turbine flow meters with a variety of Flanges when you need a meter that installs in-line quickly. Choose Flange ANSI#150,300, JIS 10K, 20K, 40K, DIN PN 16bar, 40bar. PRODUCT FEATURES Measurement for Chemical Industries. High accuracy & repeatability Easy to read LCD Back-light. … Continue reading Flange Connection Turbine Flow Meters

SL1438B Battery Powered Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Ultrasonic SL1438B is a battery powered ultrasonic flow meters and features micro-power consumption and super low start-up flow rate. The high-performance long life battery, the micro-power consumption circuits and the high-efficiency electroacoustic converter makes it possible to measure out doors where no power supply is available. Suitable fluids SL1438B Ultrasonic Flow Meters It is suitable … Continue reading SL1438B Battery Powered Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Flow Meter water iMAG 4700 Premium

The iMAG 4700 flow meter magnetic is the most economical flange electromagnetic flowmeter on the market produced by seametric instrument . With electrodes designed to discourage fouling,  it is available in 4” to 12” pipe in municipal or industrial water, waste and reclaimed water, pump stations, and packaged plant applications.  (For 3” version, see iMAG … Continue reading Flow Meter water iMAG 4700 Premium

Electromagnetic Flowmeter WMX Series

The WMX-Series are fanged electromagnetic fow meters for use in 4” to 10” pipe in municipal or industrial water and waste water applications where propeller meters have typically been used in the past. Because the WMX has no moving parts and has electrodes designed to discourage fouling, this magmeter performs well and requires much less frequent maintenance in … Continue reading Electromagnetic Flowmeter WMX Series

Flow Measurement

Flow Meters A flow meter is an instrument used to measure linear, nonlinear,  mass or volumetric flow rate of a liquid or a gas. Some flow meters measure flow as the amount of fluid passing through the flowmeter during a time period (such as 100 liters per minute). Other flowmeters measure the totalized amount of fluid that has passed through … Continue reading Flow Measurement

Flow Meter Air Elektromagnetik

Flow meter electromagnetic Magnetic Flow meter   Electromagnetic Flowmeter merupakan jenis flow meter yang mempunyai populasi tertinggi untuk Flowmeter yang digunakan mengukur aliran fluid baik berupa air atau cairan lainnya baik aliran yang corosive, kotor dan lumpur. Karena pemakiannya yang cukup banyak sebagian besar para produsen flow meter mempunyai produk jenis electromagnetic flow meter. Electromagnetic Flowmeter yang paling banyak digunakan dalam aplikasi pengukuran aliran … Continue reading Flow Meter Air Elektromagnetik

Fungsi dan Jenis Flow Meter

Definisi Flow Meter Flow meter adalah alat yang digunakan untuk mengukur laju aliran linier, nonlinier, massa atau volume dari liquid, gas ataupun solid. Dasar Pemilihan Jenis Flow Meter untuk mendapatkan flow meter yang sesuai adalah memahami dengan benar tentang persyaratan yang ditentukan berdasarkan aplikasi flowmeter terhadap jenis fluid, dan persyaratan lainnya. Oleh karena itu, perlu waktu dalam mengevaluasi sifat dari proses … Continue reading Fungsi dan Jenis Flow Meter

Water Flow Meter

Water flow meter atau Flow meter air adlah flow meter yang digunakan untuk mengukur debit cairan yang mempunyai dasar air baik itu air yang mempunyai konduktivitas maupun yang tidak memiliki konduktivitas. Jenis air yang diukur oleh flow meter ini bisa berupa air limbah, air laut, air lumpur, air minum, air sungai, air RO, air demin hingga … Continue reading Water Flow Meter