Coriolis Mass Flow Sensor

All Rheonik coriolis mass flow meters are based on a patented Omega tube design with increased signal-to-noise ratio, for excellent performance and reliability. The combination of a patented torsion rod swinger with the Omega shape and support bars results in high accuracy measurement independent of pressure, even at very low flow velocities. RHM coriolis flow sensors are extremely resistant to gas bubbles entrained in the process stream, and are unaffected by viscosity, density, extreme temperatures, and pressure changes. There’s a Rheonik RHM flowmeter for nearly any flow application range

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The typical Omega shaped Rheonik Coriolis mass flowmeter. All Rheonik meters are principally based on the design shown beside. No other design offers this degree of versatility and rangeability:

  •  Measurement of liquid and gaseous fluids
  • Flow rates from 0.002 to 30,000 kg/min (0.004 to 66,000 lbs/min)
  • Diameters up to 12 inch / DN 300
  •  Pressure over 1,000 bar (14,500 psi)
  • Temperature from -196°C to +395°C (-320°F to +743°F)
  • Hazardous area certified versions available (ATEX, CSA etc.)
  • Available in stainless steel, Alloy C22, Duplex, Tantalum and others

Small Size Mass Flow Sensor

Small size Coriolis mass flow sensor ideal for embedded systems and precise small flow applications and monitoring can able to detect the flow capacity up to 50 km/min with 1/4 “ threaded connections and 1/2” to 1″ flange connections

Medium Size Coriolis Flow Sensor

Medium size Coriolis mass flow sensor Suited  to industrial and process flow control and monitoring can able to detect the flow capacity up to 1500 km/min with 3/4 “threaded connections and 1” to 3 “flange connections


Large Size Coriolis Flow sensor

Medium size Coriolis mass flow sensor Perfect  for  material movements in small and wide scale operations and monitoring can able to detect the flow capacity up to 30.000 km/min with 4” to 12 “flange connections