Small Size Mass Flow Sensor

Small size Coriolis mass flow sensor ideal for embedded systems and precise small flow applications and monitoring can able to detect the flow capacity up to 50 km/min with 1/4 “ threaded connections and 1/2” to 1″ flange connections

RHM 015 coriolis flow meter

The RHM015 is perfect for extremely low flow applications where stability and accuracy are a must. With  an application range starting at a few grams

RHM 02 Coriolis Flow Sensor

The Coriolis mass flow sensor type RHM02 is available with a wide selection of wetted materials and the highest pressure and temperature ratings

RHM 03 Coriolis Mass Flow Meter

The RHM 03 can measure flow rates up to 5 kg/min (11 lb/min) with temperatures in excess of 400 °C and pressures to 868 bar. This model is a truly unique

RHM 04 Coriolis Flow Sensor

The RHM 04 is an economical meter which has been in production for over 15 years. This meter has been optimized for applications which require extreme

Coriolis Mass Flow Sensor RHM 08

The Model RHM08 is perfect for small scale production with continuous low flow and small batch dispensing requirements.  With a variety

Coriolis Mass Flow Sensor RHM 06

The RHM 06 coriolis mass flow meter can measure flow rates up to 25 kg/min (55 lb/min) with temperatures in excess of 350°C and pressures up to 430 bar