Large Size Coriolis Flow sensor

Medium size Coriolis mass flow sensor Perfect  for  material movements in small and wide scale operations and monitoring can able to detect the flow capacity up to 30.000 km/min with 4” to 12 “flange connections

RHM 60 Coriolis Flow Meter

The RHM 60 can measure flow rates up to 180 t/hr with the unique Omega shape sensor technology, manufactured by Rheonik mass flowmeter experts.

RHM 80 Coriolis Flow Meter

The RHM80 coriolis mass flow sensor excels in tough applications where high temperatures, pressures and corrosive fluids are present.

RHM 100 Coriolis Flow Meter

The RHM100 is a high throughput Coriolis mass flow meter designed for plant balance and loading/unloading applications with trucks, railcars, barges,

RHM 160 Coriolis Flow Meter

The RHM160 is the ultimate cargo and pipeline meter.  With a combination of high accuracy and low pressure drop, the RHM160 is the perfect