Hand Held Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Hand Held Ultrasonic Flow Meter

SL1188P Portable Touch Screen Flow Meter

Clamp On Ultrasonic FLow Meter
Portable Flow Meter
Model SL1188P is a Portable Ultrasonic flow Meter. It  collects Flow Data via a TPC (Tablet PC), and uses “UFM” software to download the Flow Data.  The SL1188P Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter consists of flow sensors  (ultrasonic), a flow transmitter and a  Tablet Personal Computer  (TPC).  The Model SL1188P Portable Ultrasonic Flow-meter is  the only flowmeter  for  which operation is  a  specialty between  the  electronics and operational  interface. 
The SL1188P package ultrasonic flow meters has convenient magnetized transducer racks, good operational interface, and high memory card.  It is designed to be user friendly, and even in the worst industrial environments, it is well protected by its high-strength  impact  resistant case with rubber  ring seals and NEMA4 rating. Even if it is dropped into water it should continue to work normally. It is a portable flowmeter made with expertise.

Data storage                    : 1GB (512 days)

Cable signal attentuation   :-0.9dB/100m
Cable tensile strength       : 300 Newtons
Rise/fall time                    :  40 picoseconds
Transducer installation time    : 55s
Portable transducer rack magnetic force  : 200 Newtons
Bluetooth communications Distance         : up to 160ft (50m)
Transmitter (standard) :

Flow range: 0 to ±40ft/s (0 to ±12m/s)
Accuracy: ±0.5% of reading
Repeatability: 0.15%
Power supply: internal lithium battery with 8 hours of use
Output: 0/4~20mA, maximum 750Ω
Power consumption: 1W
Weight: 3.3lbs (1.5kg)

P type Transducers (magnetic clamp-on)
Measurement Pipe range   : 1” to 200” (25mm to 5000mm)
Protection rating                : IP68
Temperature range             : -40F to 176F (-40o C to 80o C)
Transducer cable standard length: 16ft (5m)

UFM data Processor

The user can open and download the SD card data through UFM software, plus edit and analyze it as required The flow data should be kept in the archives in order to see measurement trends, the energy costs, etc. 

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