Flowma Flowmasonic WUF 620 J Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Flowmasonic WUF 620 J Series Flowma Portable clamp-on transit-time ultrasonic flow meter utilizes transit-time principle. The Flowmasonic transducer is mounted outside surface of the pipe without requirements of flow stop or pipe cutting. It’s very simple, convenient for installation, calibration and maintenance. Different sizes of transducers satisfy different measuring demand. Plus, select thermal energy measuring […]

SL1188P Portable Touch Screen Flow Meter

Clamp On Ultrasonic FLow Meter Portable Flow Meter Model SL1188P is a Portable Ultrasonic flow Meter. It  collects Flow Data via a TPC (Tablet PC), and uses “UFM” software to download the Flow Data.  The SL1188P Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter consists of flow sensors  (ultrasonic), a flow transmitter and a  Tablet Personal Computer  (TPC).  The […]

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