Aalborg DPM Mass Flow Meter

Product Summary Digital Mass Flow Meter with Temperature and Pressure Design Features Multi-Parameter functionality: Mass Flow, Volumetric Flow, Gas Pressure and Temperature. Multi-Gas functionality: support for 90 different gases and gas mixes. “User Defined Mixture” functionality allows to create and store up 20 custom gas mixes with up to 5 different gases each. Quick (< […]

ABB FCB100 Coriolis Mass Flow Meter

ABB FCB100 Mass Flowmeters series of compact system integration flowmeters feature low-pressure drop, high flow capacity, high-speed RS485 Modbus communication, and 2 digital outputs. ABB FCB100 Mass Flowmeters With no up or downstream piping requirements, the compact flowmeters can be installed in the tightest spaces, enabling applications not possible before. ABB FCB100 Mass Flowmeters delivers: […]

Mass Flow Meter untuk Minyak Goreng | Olein dan Stearin Palm Oil

Crude Palm Oil Mass Flow Meter | Olein Flow Meter | Stearin Flow Meter Mass Flow Meter Minyak Goreng Crude Palm Oil yang dikenal dengan CPO merupakan jenis minyak mentah untuk membuat minyak goreng. Karakteristik minyak CPO yang asam, pekat dan kotor serta banyak kandungan serat kelapa sawit dalam proses menjadi minyak olein membutuhkan material […]

MEMS Mass Flow Sensors and Gas Flow Meter for Clean Gas

Mass Flow Sensor For clean gas and liquid flow applications Siargo provide products & solutions to your applications The MEMS mass flow sensors are made with the company’s proprietary MEMS mass flow sensing technology featuring large dynamic range, high accuracy and long lifetime. The MEMS sensing elements are designed with a pressure balancer that allows […]

Kofloc Mass Flow Controller D8500 SERIES Mass Flow Meter With Indicator

Mass Flow Controller/Mass Flow Meter With Indicator Kofloc MODEL D8500 SERIES Kofloc mass flow controller/meter driven by a 24 VDC power supply has been developed as a successor to the MODEL 8300. The viewpoint change function of the display unit and the pattern setting function are unique to this model, and noise resistance has been […]

Kofloc Standard Mass Flow Meter MODEL 3760 SERIES

Standard Mass Flow Meter  Kofloc MODEL 3760 SERIES The Model 3760 Series is a compact, low-cost mass flow meter developed based on the Model 3660 Series. It has been developed as a standard model of various analyzers and vacuum equipment for research and development at universities and research institutes. Features : Improved constant-current temperature difference […]

Kofloc Low Cast Digital Mass Flow Meter Model D3810 Series

Low-cast Digital Mass Flow Meter MODEL D3810 SERIES The Model D3810 is a completely renovated digital mass flow meter designed on the basic structure of existing KOFLOC Model 3810. Incorporating a CPU inside and is equipped with an innovative sensor, a single unit of this new model covers a broad range of flows from very […]

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