Aalborg DPM Mass Flow Meter

Product Summary Digital Mass Flow Meter with Temperature and Pressure Design Features Multi-Parameter functionality: Mass Flow, Volumetric Flow, Gas Pressure and Temperature. Multi-Gas functionality: support for 90 different gases and gas mixes. “User Defined Mixture” functionality allows to create and store up 20 custom gas mixes with up to 5 different gases each. Quick (< […]

Aalborg GFC Thermal Mass Flow Controller

General Description Compact, self contained Aalborg GFC Thermal Mass Flow Controller are designed to indicate and control flow rates of gases. The rugged design coupled with instrumentation grade accuracy provides versatile and economical means of flow control. Aluminum or stainless steel models with readout options of either engineering units (standard) or 0 to 100 percent […]

Aalborg GFM Thermal Mass Gas Flow Meter

GFM Mass Flow Meter is a low cost solution to thermal mass flow metering for gases is presented by Aalborg in introducing the model GFM mass flow meter line. The GFM design combines the convenience and accuracy of conventional mass flow devices with low costs previously unattainable. Each of these meters incorporate an advanced straight […]

DFC Digital Mass Flow Controller

DFC Digital Mass Flow Controller automatically nulls the sensor zero offset whenever the flow set point is below 2% of full scale. To accommodate this feature the control valve must fully close under that condition. Provisions are made to either disable, force or store the current auto zero via digital commands. Microprocessor driven digital flow […]

FMTB Series Flow Meter Group

FMTB Series Flow Meter Group the user-friendly software enables flexibility in operation. Password protection and several user levels provide security of all important data and settings.  Clear screens and the menu structure make it easy to set up the test models and operate the test bench. All necessary data is visible during the test. Former […]

Dwyer GFM2 Series Gas Mass Flow Meter and Controllers

Dwyer GFM2 Series Gas Mass Flow Meter and Controllers is an ideal choice for the measurement of flow rates of a wide variety of gases. Unit can be calibrated for a variety of gases with user selectable 0 to 5 VDC or 4 to 20 mA and two relay outputs and programmable totalizer that indicates […]

Accuracy of Electromagnetic Water Meter

Accuracy of Electromagnetic Water Meter is mainly based on Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction. At present, electromagnetic water meters are mainly pipe type electromagnetic water meters and plug-in electromagnetic water meters, which are water meters specially used for trade settlement between water companies and users. Although the electromagnetic water meter has greatly increased the interference […]

Flow Meter Untuk Mengukur Debit pada Open Channel

Open Channel Flow Meter adalah channel yang digunakan untuk mengalirkan air pada ssitem terbuka dimana banyak digunakan untuk mengalirkan air ke sungai atau penampungan pengolahan limbah. Untk hal ini kita bisa menggunakan flow meter dengan jenis Level Sensor ultrasonic Velocity Sensor ultrasonic In Line Electromagnetic flow meter Clamp on Ultrasonic flow meter Open Channel Flow […]

Clamp On Ultrasonic Flow Meter Flowmasonic WUF 620 CF Series

Flowma Flowmasonic WUF 620 CF Series clamp-on transit-time ultrasonic flow meter utilizes transit-time principle. The Flowmasonic transducer is mounted outside surface of the pipe without requirements of flow stop or pipe cutting. It’s very simple, convenient for installation, calibration and maintenance. Different sizes of transducers satisfy different measuring demand. Plus, select thermal energy measuring function […]

HD1200 Open Channel Flow Meter

Overview Advanced level sensing algorithm suppresses the noise level and artifacts and enabled stable measurement. One main unit handles two sensors at once. Two different types of sensors can be installed and each may measures different range. Data logging function to micro SD TM. Flow measurement by measuring catchment level is possible. Specifikasi Honda Electronic HD1200 […]

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