Difinisi Flow Meter dan Jenis Flow Meter

Flow meter merupakan alat ukur yang digunakan untuk mengukur laju aliran atau Jumlah suatu fluida yeng bergerak mengalir dalam suatu pipa tertutup atau saluran terbuka seperti channel atau sungai atau parit atau gorong-gorong. Jenis fluida yang melalui atau diukur oleh flow meter bisa berupa cairan, gas maupun solid. Dalam Aplikasinya penggunaan flow meter untuk mengukur aliran baik berupa kecepatan … Continue reading Difinisi Flow Meter dan Jenis Flow Meter

Kofloc Flow Meter with Flow Controller MODEL 2503F SERIES

Flow Meter with Flow Controller (Not Subject to Load Pressure Change) MODEL 2503F SERIES The constant flow valve Model 2203 that permits constant flow and the precision flow meter RK1400 are combined in this flow meter to permit high-precision measurement and control of a wide flow range, from very small flow to medium flow, when … Continue reading Kofloc Flow Meter with Flow Controller MODEL 2503F SERIES

Oval Gear Flow Meter

Oval Flow Meter Oval Gear flow Meter Positive Displacement Flow Meter Oval Gear Flow Meter is one type of Positive displacement flowmeter .  They operate by repeatedly filling and emptying compartments of a known volume with a liquid. The flowrate is then calculated based on the number of times these compartments are filled and emptied.  Given it's immunity … Continue reading Oval Gear Flow Meter

Flange Connection Turbine Flow Meters

F2 SERIES FLANGE CONNECTION DIGITAL TURBINE FLOW METER The F2 Stainless Steel turbine flow meters with a variety of Flanges when you need a meter that installs in-line quickly. Choose Flange ANSI#150,300, JIS 10K, 20K, 40K, DIN PN 16bar, 40bar. PRODUCT FEATURES Measurement for Chemical Industries. High accuracy & repeatability Easy to read LCD Back-light. … Continue reading Flange Connection Turbine Flow Meters

Tank Truck flow Meter

FM SERIES TANK TRUCK POSITIVE DISPLACMENT FLOW METER FM Tank Truck Positive Displacement Flow Meter provides high accuracy and repeatability in a wide of range. Application is LPG, Gasoline, Jet Fuel, Crude Oil, Acid pH Liquid and Petroleum products. APPLICATION Petroleum products Gasoline and jet fuels Treat water Acid PH Liquids Crude Oil, viscous liquids Liquefied Petroleum … Continue reading Tank Truck flow Meter

Type of flow Meter

Type and Model of Flow Meter Measuring the flow of liquids is a critical need in many industrial plants. In some operations, the ability to conduct accurate flow measurements is so important that it can make the difference between making a profit or taking a loss. In other cases, inaccurate flow measurements or failure to … Continue reading Type of flow Meter

Kofloc Acrylic Resin Flow Meter MODEL RK200 SERIES

Acrylic Resin Flow Meter MODEL RK200 SERIES   This is a compact lightweight acrylic flow meter. Models with or without a valve are available. The integrated transparent acrylic panel structure permits easy reading of the flow. This model is ideal for air sampling equipment, medical equipment, and analyzers. Features: • Compact design The total length … Continue reading Kofloc Acrylic Resin Flow Meter MODEL RK200 SERIES

Kofloc High Grade Mass Flow Meter 3100 Series

High-grade Mass Flow Meter MODEL 3100 SERIES The Model 3100 Series Mass Flow Meter is a new, ad-vanced high-precision flowmeter developed based on the Model 3200 Series. The incorporated innovative capillary type flow sensor reduces pressure loss and ensures high response as well as ensuring stability.   Features : • Equipped with a temperature follow-up … Continue reading Kofloc High Grade Mass Flow Meter 3100 Series