Delta Elektrogas VMM Multiple safety solenoid valve for gas regulating trains

The VMM type valve is a combination of two solenoid valve in an only compact and versatile valve huosing. The first valve is a fast opening safety solenoid valve. The second valve may be a fast opening or a slow opening solenoid valve to adjust the gas flow, with a first adjustable fast stroke and […]

Kofloc Bellows Needle Valve (for rigid control of leaks) MODEL 2450 SERIES

Bellows Needle Valve (for rigid control of leaks) MODEL 2450 SERIES   This bellows seal type needle valve has been specifically developed so that it can satisfy the requirements for such areas in which leak is a concern of vital importance. Model 2450 Bellows Needle Valve has a construction to drastically prevent fluid leaks. In […]

Delta Oil Burner

The study of innovative solutions and the application of new technologies make it possible for continuous improvement of the complete range of products and, in many cases, an increase of their performance. The experimentation of the new technical solutions and the very stringent reliability tests which every new product is subjected to, guarantee the safety and the quality of all products introduced into […]

Kofloc Pressure Regulating Valve Model 6600 Series

Pressure Regulating Valve (precision Reguler for Analytical Equipment) MODEL 6600 SERIES This is a compact, lightweight precision pressure regulator with superior repeatability to provide reliable and speedy regulations. Since all the components are perfectly cleaned before assembly, this model is ideal for high-sensitivity instruments for analysis required for R&D activities. Features High-precision control characteristic High […]

Kofloc Flowmeter With Precision Needle Valve Model RK1200 Series

Flowmeter With Precision Needle Valve (for Accurate Flow Control) MODEL RK1200 SERIES This is a grade high precision float type flowmeter com-bined with a needle valve capable of very accurate flow control. It is ideal for measurement and control of minute flows. Features – Capable of controlling ultra-minute flows – A needle valve incorporated to […]

Kofloc Togglo Valve Model 5500 Series

 Kofloc Togglo Valve Model 5500 Series   The KOFLOC toggle valve is a shutoff valve developed for quick, reliable opening/closing operation. The special structure with a valve section and special O-ring excels in durability, while ultra-cleanliness assures high-sensitivity analysis. Features 1.Lifting by 90 degrees and tilting for quick opening/closing. 2.Precision machining ensures high air-tightness. 3.The […]

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