Kofloc Backpressure Valve Model 6800 Series

Backpressure Valve


The backpressure valve is a kind of relief valve that keeps the pressure at the front stage of a valve constant. It can easily and quickly control the pressure of a tank with a large buffer and remove the constant flow of a mixed gas, which cannot easily be done by general regulation valves with a subsequent stage controlling function. This new concept of pressure regulation has been attracting much attention.


-Convenient panel-mount type

– Compact design

– High-speed regulation of primary-side pressure

– This greaseless clean valve permits gas control in a pure state.


– Tank pressure control

– Constant flow control of mixed gas

Standard Specifications

Model 6800A 6800B 6800AL 6800BL
Pressure setting 0.01-0.3MPa 0.01-0.6MPa 0.01-0.3MPa 0.01-0.6MPa
Maximum exhaust flow 1L/MIN 0.8L/ MIN 10L/MIN 10L/MIN
Proof pressure 0.8MPa
Heat resistance 5℃-60℃
Connection end Rc 1/4 (standard), Rc 1/8
Materials of parts in
contact with fluids
(A) Al, brass, NBR, POM
(SS) SUS316, FKM, fluorocarbon resin

(Note) The maximum flow may vary depending on operating conditions.