FMTB Series Flow Meter Group

FMTB Series Flow Meter Group the user-friendly software enables flexibility in operation. Password protection and several user levels provide security of all important data and settings.  Clear screens and the menu structure make it easy to set up the test models and operate the test bench. All necessary data is visible during the test. Former […]

Fluidwell F043 Temperature Monitor with one high / low alarm output

Fluidwell F043 Temperature Monitor is a versatile temperature indicator with continuous temperature monitoring feature. It offers the ability to set one low temperature and one high temperature alarm value. If desired, an ignore function can be set up to allow for an incorrect temperature for a certain period of time. The configuration of the Span, […]

Dwyer BFM series Piezo Bulk Flow Monitor

Dwyer BFM series Bulk Flow Monitor offers many unique advance features that exceed the industry standards. The BFM Central Processing Unit monitors movement of almost anything through a pipe or chute system. The BFM is ideal for sensing the presence or absence of materials in Pneumatic Conveying Systems. The BFM offers adjustable sensitivity depending on […]

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