Kofloc VN Series Compact Electromagnetic Flowsensor

Introduction VN Series is an electromagnetic flow sensor designed for small pipe diameter and low flow. Electromagnetic flow sensor without moving parts suitable for use in machines. ・ With absence of moving parts, there is less failure due to its contaminants. ・ Low-pressure loss ・ No straight pipe required, compact design, and easy to install. […]

Kofloc D8500 Series Mass Flow Meter

KOFLOC is a general of precision flow controllers and produces mechanical float-type flow meters and valves, as well as electronic flow meters (mass flow controllers and mass flow meters). Our mass flow measuring/control technology is based on mass flow meters and mass flow controllers have been used widely for the manufacture of semiconductors, liquid crystals, […]

Kofloc DF-550C SERIES All-Metal Digital Mass Flow Controller

DF-550C is now released as an all-metal model of the high-performance digital mass flow controller DF-250C Series. The metal sealed structure enables controlling the measurement of corrosive gases such as semiconductor process gases. Features Response improved to 1 sec or faster in all flow rate ranges thanks to a new solenoid The stainless steel seal supports […]

Kofloc High-Grade Mass Flow Controller Model 3200 Series

High-grade Mass Flow Controller  MODEL 3200 SERIES Model 3200 Series Mass Flow Controller is an advanced model designed as a successor of the 3910 Series that enjoys wide use for diverse applications such as the manufacture of semiconductors, LCDs, combustion equipment, analytical devices, and biotechnology fields. Its high performance is equal to a new standard […]

Kofloc Low Cast Digital Mass Flow Meter Model D3810 Series

Low-cast Digital Mass Flow Meter MODEL D3810 SERIES The Kofloc Model D3810 is a completely renovated digital mass flow meter designed on the basic structure of the existing KOFLOC Model 3810. Incorporating a CPU inside and is equipped with an innovative sensor, a single unit of this new model covers a broad range of flows […]

Kofloc High Grade Mass Flow Controllers Model 5100 Series

High-Grade Metal Flow Controllers MODEL 5100 SERIES Model 5100 Series Mass Flow Controller/Meter features weldless structure, metal seals, the accuracy of ≤±1%, the response of ≤±1 second and other basic performance conditions required for semiconductor process control, and additionally, has achieved a significant price reduction. Features – High accuracy and high response are achieved by […]

Kofloc High Grade Mass Flow Meter 3100 Series

High-grade Mass Flow Meter MODEL 3100 SERIES  The Kofloc Model 3100 Series Mass Flow Meter is a new, advanced high-precision flowmeter developed based on the Model 3200 Series. The incorporated innovative capillary type flow sensor reduces pressure loss and ensures high response as well as ensuring stability.  Features : • Equipped with temperature, follow-up type […]

Kofloc Low-cost Mass Flow Sensor MODEL 3810S SERIES

Low-cost Mass Flow Sensor MODEL 3810S SERIES Designed on the heritage base construction of the superior class bypass capillary type mass flow sensor, the Model 3810S Mass Flow Sensor centers the focus on the economy through a thorough effort towards streamlining with the view to built-in applications. The series is one of the KOFLOC best […]

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