Kofloc Large Capacity Back Pressure Valve Model 6801 Series

Large Capacity Back Pressure Valve


A back pressure valve is a kind of relief valve to obtain a constant level of pressure in the first stage of valve operation. This type of valve makes it easier and speedier for the user to control pressure in the tank with a large buffer, purge a given quantity of mixed gas or to carry out such other operations which are rather hard to do with a secondstage control valve commonly in use.


– Handy panel mount type

– Quick regulation of primary pressure

– Greaseless, clean valve perfect for control of pure gases


– Tank pressure control

– Control of constant flows of mixed gases

Standard Specifications

Model 6801A 6801B
Pressure setting 0-0.3MPa 0-0.6MPa
Maximum exhaust flow 300L/MIN
Proof pressure 0.8MPa
Repeatability Within ±1% of the pressure rating
Heat resistance 5℃-60℃
Connection end Rc1/2
Materials of parts in contact with fluids SUS316, FKM, fluorocarbon resin