Kofloc Pressure Regulating Valve Model 6600 Series
Kofloc Pressure Regulating Valve Model 6600 Series

Kofloc Pressure Regulating Valve Model 6600 Series

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Pressure Regulating Valve (precision Reguler for Analytical Equipment)


This is a compact, lightweight precision pressure regulator with superior repeatability to provide reliable and speedy regulations. Since all the components are perfectly cleaned before assembly, this model is ideal for high-sensitivity instruments for analysis required for R&D activities.


  • High-precision control characteristic

High control performance with repeatability within a range of ±1% against fluctuations in pressure on the primary side and load resistance variations on the secondary side

  • Perfect for panel mounting

Flow inlet and outlet are located on the back of the product to facilitate easy pipe connection. Additionally, it is compact in size and light in weight, ideal for panel instrumentation systems.

  • Bleed-free

All units are subjected to a rigorous leak test before shipping though the product is bleed-free.


  • Gas chromatographs
  • Scientific instruments
  • Gas mixing systems in various fields

Standard Specifications

Model 6600A 6600B 6600AL 6600BL
Maximum primary pressure 0.8MPa
Secondary control pressure 0.01–0.3MPa 0.03–0.6MPa 0.01–0.3MPa 0.03–0.6MPa
Minimum operating differential pressure 0.05MPa
Proof pressure 0.8MPa
Repeatability Within ±1% of the pressure rating
Temperature characteristics Within ±1% of the pressure rating per 10℃
Heat resistance 5℃-60℃
Flow rating See the graph.
Connection end Rc 1/4 (standard), Rc 1/8
Materials of parts in

contact with fluids

(A) Al, brass, NBR, POM, SUS316

(SS) SUS316, FKM, fluorocarbon resin

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