Medium Size Coriolis Flow Sensor

Medium size Coriolis mass flow sensor Suited  to industrial and process flow control and monitoring can able to detect the flow capacity up to 1500 km/min with 3/4 “threaded connections and 1” to 3 “flange connections


Mass Flow Sensor Rheonik RHM 12

RHM 12 is an economical meter which has been in production for over 15 years. This meter has been optimized for applications which require extreme stability

Mass Flow Sensor Rheonik RHM 15

The RHM 15 can measure flow rates up to 200 kg/ min (440 lb/min) with temperatures in excess of 350°C and pressures up to 540 bar.

Mass Flow Sensor Rheonik RHM 20

The RHM20 coriolis mass flow sensor  is a 2″ meter designed for general purpose flow measurement without the need for maintanance.  Robust and accurate

Mass Flow Sensor Rheonik RHM 30

The RHM30 is available with a wide choice of material options to suit benign and aggresive applications.  Heavy duty variants meet high

Mass Flow Sensor Rheonik RHM 40

The RHM40 Coriolis mass sensor offers a low pressure drop and exceptional turndown capability.  Designed for general process applications,