A Mass Flow Meter operating on the “Coriolis principle” contains a vibrating tube in which a fluid flow causes changes in frequency, phase shift or amplitude. The sensor signal is fed into the integrally mounted pc-board. The resulting output signal is strictly proportional to the real mass flow rate, whereas thermal mass flow meters are dependent of the physical properties of the fluid. Coriolis mass flow measurement is fast and very accurate.

Coriolis flow meters work on the principle that the inertia created by fluid flowing through an oscillating tube causes the tube to twist in proportion to mass flow rate. Many Coriolis meters have two tubes. They are made to vibrate in opposition to each other by means of a magnetic coil. Sensors in the form of magnet and coil assemblies are mounted on the inlet and the outlet of both flow tubes. As the coils move through the magnetic field created by the magnet, they create a voltage in the form of a sine wave. These sine waves are the key to measuring mass flow.


Coriolis flow meters are the most accurate flow meters made. While many magnetic flow meters have accuracies in the range of 0.5 percent, many Coriolis flow meters achieve accuracy of 0.1 %. It is the high accuracy of Coriolis flow meters that is one of the major reasons for their extremely rapid growth over the past five years. Companies that need flow meters for custody transfer, or want highly accurate measurements in terms of mass, have a good reason to select Coriolis flow meters also very easy to installasi.


Model and type of Corilois Mass flow Sensor

Small Size coriolis Mass Flow Sensor

ideal for embedded systems and precise small flow applications

  1. RHM 015 Low Flow Mass Flow Meter flow rate
  2. RHM 02 Low Flow Mass Flow Meter flow rate
  3. RHM 03 Low Flow Mass Flow Meter flowrate
  4. RHM 04 Low Flow Mass Flow Meter flow rate
  5. RHM 06 Low Flow Mass Flow Meter flowrate
  6. RHM 08 Low Flow Mass Flow Meter flow rate

Medium Size coriolis Mass Flow Sensor

Suited to industrial and process flow control and monitoring

  1. RHM 12  Mass Flow Meter flow rate
  2. RHM 15  Mass Flow Meter flow rate
  3. RHM 20  Mass Flow Meter flow rate
  4. RHM 30  Mass Flow Meter  flow rate
  5. RHM 40  Mass Flow Meter  flow rate

Large Size coriolis Mass Flow Sensor

Perfect for material movements in small and wide scale operations

  1.  RHM 60 Coriolis Flow Meter flow rate
  2.  RHM 80 Coriolis Flow Mass  Meter flow rate
  3.  RHM 100 Coriolis Flow Mass Meter flow rate
  4.  RHM 160 Coriolis Flow Mass Meter flow rate