WTC carbon steel Turbine flow Meters

Turbine flow meters Water flowmeter GENERAL INFORMATION This unique system of 2″ to 8″ seametrics turbine flow meters uses just one moving part, a precision helical rotor. Rotation of the rotor is electronically detected and processed. The high-quality jewel bearings and shafts minimize friction while providing long wear life in non-lubricating fluids. The entire rotor […]

Flange Connection Turbine Flow Meters

F2 SERIES FLANGE CONNECTION DIGITAL TURBINE FLOW METER The F2 Stainless Steel turbine flow meters with a variety of Flanges when you need a meter that installs in-line quickly. Choose Flange ANSI#150,300, JIS 10K, 20K, 40K, DIN PN 16bar, 40bar. PRODUCT FEATURES Measurement for Chemical Industries. High accuracy & repeatability Easy to read LCD Back-light. […]

Liquid Turbine Flow Meter

Turbine flow meters Digital Turbine Flometers Liquid flow meter FLSTRONIC FT Turbine Flow Meters have simple structure, light weight, high-accuracy, easy install and measure liquid which has no chemical corrosive reaction with stainless steel. Applications include liquid no impurities and no corrosion such as water, diesel and methanol. PRODUCT FEATURES High accuracy, excellent repeatability. Wide […]

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