Vortek Tek Air Flow Meters VT 5000

Velocity measurement is accomplished by Tek-Air’s unique, patented, VorTek sensors. VorTek sensors utilize proven vortex shedding phenomena to measure the true airflow velocity independent of changes in temperature, density, and humidity which affect Pitot and thermal airflow measurement systems. The VT-5000 Airflow Measurement Probe consists of multi-sensor probes inserted in the ductwork where airflow is […]

Steam Flow Meter

Alia Vortex Flow Meter Vortex Flow Meter Steam Flow Meter Flow Meter Steam ALIAVTX AVF7000 is a Vortex Flowmeter based on Von Karman theory of vortices generated by a bluff body in the pipe. The number of vortices are linearly proportional to the volumetric flow in the pipe. The AVF7000 flow meters is versatile flowmeter widely used for Gases, Steam & Liquid […]

Vortex Flow Meter

Flow Meter Vortex Flow Meter FV Vortex flow meter measure volume/mass flow of liquids, gases and steam. Application is water supply, industry circulation, sewage treatment, oil, chemical reagents, compressed air, saturated or overheated steam, natural gas and other media. SPECIFICATION Meter size: DN 15 – 300 Accuracy  :  ± 0.5% Temperature:  120 ℃ , 180 ℃ , 250 ℃ , 350 ℃  ( option) Pressure […]

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