Elektrogas VMH
Elektrogas VMH

Elektrogas VMH

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Safety shut off valves, slow opening and fast closing with hydraulic or pneumatic actuator

The VMH type valve is a safety shut off valve for gaseous media operated by hydraulic actuator. It is suitable for gas blocking and releasing controls, as required in the main pipe of gas power burners, atmospheric gas boilers, industrial kilns and gas consuming appliances.

When the actuator is energized, the valve opens slowly (some seconds); as soon as power supply stops, the valve closes immediately

Material/Connections :

1.       AlSi : DN65 … DN200

Gas type :

1.       Air and non-aggressive gases (Family 1-2-3, EN 437)

2.       Special version for Biogas/COG

Approvals :

1.       EC-type tested and certified according to EN 161

Operating pressure :

1.       0 … 200 mbar

2.       0 … 500 mbar

3.       0 … 1300 mbar

4.       0 … 1600 mbar

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