Batch Control and batching system
Batch Control and batching system

Batch Control and batching system

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Pemahaman Batching control adalah control suatu aliran berdasarkan volume yang di setting guna menghentikan suatu aliran jika seeting volume sudah tercapai. Batch Controller dapat digunakan dengan menggunakan flow meter yang menggabungkan register kepala kontak (pulsa switch).

Tujuan utama dari batching system ini adalah guna mendapatan suatu volume yang akurat dan banya digunakan pada industri makanan, industri semen , industri minuman tang arahnya ke pada pengisian atau filling system.

Prinsip dasar dari batch control adalah mengontrol suatu valve atau pompa untuk memuka/menghidupkan dan menutup/mematikan aliran ketika volume aliran udah tercapai. Jadi saat kita setting suatu batch control pada volume 500 liter maka aliran akan tertutup jika volume yang terbaca pada flow meter menunjukan angka 500 l dan aliran akan kembali mengalir saat ikia tekan tombol start seperti yang banyak di gunakan di pom bensin . Batching system merupakan suatu system batching yang menggunakan prangkat control, sensor volume dan penutup atau penghenti alian baik berupa pompa maupun valve

FT520 Batch Control

The FT500-Series is a batching flow processor with additional output controls. It is designed for use with Seametrics flow meters and flow sensors, as well as other manufactuer’s products which have frequency output proportional to flow. In addition to batch functions, the FT500-Series indicates flow rate, and other data in large 3/8” (9.66 mm) digits on an easilyread, backlit display. Units of measure are user selectable, and range from milliliters per second to millions of gallons per day. The unit can be 110 Vac powered with a standard 3-wire cord (included), 220 Vac powered (optional), or DC powered through an internal terminal strip.

An analog output of 4-20 mA is available both in active and passive loop configuration, and in 0-5 Vdc or 0-10 Vdc outputs, and can be used in applications such as flow rate logging. Two programmable pulse scaled outputs are also standard, and can be used, for example, to provide proportional chemical feed with a pulse-responsive metering pump. The housing is supplied with two brackets for wall-mount applications, or the top/bottom housings can be easily separated and reassembled for panel-mount.


  • Batch control
  • Regeneration control
  • High/low flow rate monitoring
  • Water usage monitoring


  • CPosmetics manufacturing
  • Water treatment system maintenance
  • Water leakage detection
  • Precision refill of cooling towers & tank

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