Electrode Level Sensor
Electrode Level Sensor

Electrode Level Sensor

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Level Sensor

Electrode Level sensor


  • It is used in the conductive liquid level measurement.
  • It is widely used in the sewage or wastewater tanks
  • When using in a chemical plant, it is possible to be used by having a PTFE coating on the electrode (selection specification)
  • Since it is possible to have 2line type, the wiring work is simple and the construction cost can be saved.
  • The installation and handling are simple.
  • It is possible to consecutively control the motors as many as wanted


  • It is used in the wastewater and water-purifying tanks.

  • It is widely used in deep tubular well pumps.

  • It is used in food and beverage tanks.

  • It is used in underground water tanks and high water tanks.

  • It is used in drainage tanks

  • It is used in various water tanks.

  • The installation is quick and simple. 

Operating Principle

  • When the liquid level increases or decreases as the power supplied to the unit are connected to a sensor, a relay installed to the unit allows the water supply and piping to operate automatically.
  • It is also possible to check the low water level or high water level warnings. It is equipped with an ability to have set control  (consecutive control of) 3 motors.



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