Alia Pressure Transmitter

Smart Differential Pressure Transmitter

AHV400 Series

ALIAVALVE AHV400 series manifolds feature a horizontal body design, Manifolds are constructed out of bar-stock and forged material in 316 stainless Steel as Standard. Standard mod …


ALIADP D series is a diaphragm seal product combining APT8000 / ADP9000 / ADP9000L transmitter, which designed for the high-viscosity/ granular/ high-temp./ high-corrosivity situ.


APT8000 Series

APT8000 series is a digital alia pressure transmitter designed for industrial pressure measurement applications. The APT8000 offer Configurations for gauge pressure, absolute pressure.


ADP9000L Series

ADP9000L series is a digital Alia differential pressure transmitter designed for industrial level measurement applications. The ADP9000L offer Configurations for Differential, gas.


ADP9000 Series

ADP9000 series is a digital differential Alia pressure transmitter designed for industrial pressure measurement applications. The ADP9000 offers Configurations for Differential, gas.
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