Electromagnetic Flow Converter
Electromagnetic Flow Converter

Electromagnetic Flow Converter

1 minute, 36 seconds Read


AMC2100E Series

 AMC2100E series Converter With temperature/energy function can be used with AMF series flowmeter in both compact or separate versions.
 Four line LCD display Flowrate/Energy/Totalizer
 Accuracy of +/-0.4% of reading
 Bi-directional flow measurement, current and pulse output
 Large digital display, With temperature/energy function
 99 times records for power on/off
 MODBUS/HART communication


Excitation: Keyboard:
Square wave 4 keys from external for programming
Display: and display control.
4 lines LCD with backlight Low Flow Cutoff:
Line 1 0 to 9.9 %
Date and Time Datalogger Function:
Line 2 99 times records for power on/off
6 digit flowrate Record Data:
7 digit energy value Date/Time when Power on/off
Fault code  99 years flow rate/energy/
Supply temperature Temperature / Total flow / Total energy
Line 3 One Record Data per Hour
9 digit totalizer for forwarding/ reverse flow Damping:
9 digit totalizer for heat / cold  energy 0.1 to 99.9 Second
Fault code content Self Diagnosis:
Return temperature The following error message is
Line 4 indicated during application
Differential temperature – Coil fail
Unit – Power fail
L/S, L/M, L/H, M3/S, M3/L, M3/H – Output overaged
KW, MW, KJ/H, MJ/H, GJ/H – Internal error
Measuring Range: – Overflow
Min.  0 to 0.15 m/s – Empty pipe
Max. 0 to 15 m/s Cable Entry:
Accuracy: PG11
+/-0.4% of reading (Velocity >= 0.5 m/s) Protection Class:
+/-0.002 m/s (Velocity < 0.5 m/s) IP 65
Repeatability: Ambient Temperature:
+/-0.1% of reading -25 to +65 oC
Current Output: Material:
4-20 mA (Isolated) Aluminum Alloy
Load Temperature Input:
Max. 600  PT1000, 2 wire 
Pulse output: Power Supply:
Open collector 90-260 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Rating 24 VDC +/- 10% (Option)
3 to 30 VDC, 20 mA Max. Power Consumption:
Pulse Rate: 3-17 W (depending on the sensor size)
1)Scale pulse, (Pulse/M3, Pulse/L,
2)Frequency, 0-5000 Hz 1.4 Kg
Communication: Mounting:
RS 485(MODBUS Protocol) Wall mounting
HART signal Bracket on 2″ pipe
Data Storage:
Operation parameters and totalization
figures are stored by EEPROM for more than 10 years

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