Gas Variable Area Flow Meter Kofloc

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A Variable Area Flow Meter has afloat in a conical cylinder (tapered tube) with a larger end in the upper section and a smaller end in the lower section. The float moves up and down according to the intensity of the flow, and the position at which the float balances indicate the flow rate.

Not only simple flow meters that merely measure the flow rate but also flow meters with a valve for flow control, flow meters with a load pressure fluctuation type flow controller, flow meters with a supply pressure fluctuation type flow controller, and flow meters with an alarm switch are available.

Gas Area Flow Meter Model 

Liquid Area Flow Meter Model

  • Flowmeter with Precision Needle Valve MODEL RK1200 SERIES
  • High Precision Flowmeter MODEL RK1450 SERIES
  • High-Pressure Flowmeter(for Sensitive Measurements) MODEL RK1400 SERIES
  • Compact Reed Switch Flow Meter for Alarm Switches MODEL RK1930, RK1935 SERIES
  • Reed Switch Flowmeters(for Alarm Switches) MODELS RK1970/RK1975/RK1976 SERIES
  • Large Capacity Flowmeters MODELS RK2000/RK2005/RK2006 SERIES
  • Precision Flow Meter for Laboratory(with Stand for Precision Flow Measurement) MODEL RK1360 SERIES
  • Acrylic Resin Flow Meter MODEL RK400 SERIES
  • Acrylic Resin Flow Meter MODEL RK500 SERIES
  • Large Capacity Flow Meter MODEL RK1950AP SERIES