Large Capacity Flow Meter Model Kofloc RK 1950AP Series

Large Capacity Flow Meter


Kavloc variable area flow meter

Flowmeter Kofloc RK1950AP

Amber tapered tube with a secure structure


  • Float receiver functions also as a joint, for secure piping.
  • The block tapered tube has an O-ring seal.
  • The integral housing protects the tapered tube.
  • The tapered tube made of engineering plastic is impact-resistant.

Standard  Specifications

  • Accuracy: ±2%F.S
  • Max. operating temperature: 120℃
  • Max. operating pressure: 1 MPa for 40 A or less 0.8 MPa for 50 A or more
  • The direction of flow: Bottom → Top
  • Coating :
    • *Finish Color: Gray (Close to Munsell N-6.5)
    • *Epoxy powder baking
  • Connection standard:
    • *JIS10K-RF 10A-100A RC female thread 3/8–1 inch
    • *Flange only ANSI150#RF, DIN
  • Part name Material
    • Float receiver: SUS304
    • O-ring: NBR
    • Tapered tube: Polysulfone resin (Transparent amber)
    • Housing: Ductile cast iron: FCD400
    • Rod: SUS304
    • Float: SUS304