Variable Primary Pressure Flow Controller Kofloc 2204 SERIES

Variable Primary Pressure Flow Controller

Kofloc Model 2204 Series

Model 2204 Variable Primary Pressure Flow Controller is a control valve that always keeps flows at a constant rate under a given constant level of secondary pressure (outlet pressure) even when the primary pressure (inlet pressure) fluctuates.

The built-in precision needle valve accurately controls flows to the set flow rate, including ultra-minute flows.


  • Stable flow control

    • A non-rotary needle valve composed of high-precision components ensures smooth control of even ultra-minute flows.
  • Not subject to supply pressure fluctuations

    Flows are protected from being affected by primary pressure (supply pressure) fluctuations, under a given constant level of secondary pressure (outlet pressure).

  • Cleanliness ensured

    All the high-precision components are super-cleaned before assembly so that the product can be safely used even on high-sensitivity instruments for analysis for which cleanliness is essential.


  • Physical and chemical appliances
  • Control of the second-stage operation of pumps
  • Various instruments for analysis
  • Environmental instrumentation systems

Standard Applications

  • Rated flow ranges : Gas: 10 ML/min–10 L/min
  • Control accuracy: Within the set flow ±2% when the primary pressure (inlet pressure) changes by 0.3MPa in a range between 0.07 MPa and 0.8 MPa.
  • A number of turns of regulating screw: Approx. 12 turns
  • Maximum operating pressure: 0.8 Mpa
  • Maximum operating temperature: 60℃
  • Materials of parts in contact with fluids :
    • (A) Al, brass, POM, NBR, SUS316
    • (SS) SUS316, fluorocarbon resin, FKM
  • Connection end : Rc 1/8 (M8 + Rc 1/8)
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