Rheonik Coriolis Mass Flow Meter
Rheonik Coriolis Mass Flow Meter

Rheonik Coriolis Mass Flow Meter

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Rheonik manufactures the world’s most comprehensive range of Coriolis Mass Flowmeter. The Rheonik meter range features line sizes ranging from ¼” up to 12” and covers flow rates from 3 gram/min up to 30,000 kg/min.Coriolis Mass Flow Meter

Credited with being the first company to produce large and high-pressure Coriolis products, Rheonik continues to innovate and break the barriers of high accuracy flow measurement. With temperature ratings from -325°F to 750°F and max pressure ratings of 20000psi, Rheonik can supply metering for almost any application.

Unlike many other flow meter manufacturers, Rheonik only makes Coriolis meters – we are The Coriolis Experts – and your purchase of a Rheonik Mass Flow solution is supported globally by engineering professionals with many years of experience in metering and measurement instrumentation.

About Coriolis Meters

The Coriolis Effect was discovered by the physicist Gustave Gaspard de Coriolis in the 1830s, and is described as “the inertial force exerted on an object as a result of movement relative to a rotating frame of reference.” This science has been applied to many technologies: hydraulics, machine performance, missiles, ergonomics, ocean, and atmospheric circulation and, of course, mass flow metering.

The use of the Coriolis Effect as a technique for liquid and gas mass flow measurement was firmly established over 25 years ago. Since then, a number of different designs of Coriolis Effect meters have been produced.  With the tremendous advances made in electronic signal processing technology in recent years, the application base for Coriolis mass flowmeters has expanded dramatically and the term “Coriolis meter” is now intimately associated with high accuracy and reliable performance in a flow measurement instrument.


There are quite a few different Coriolis flowmeter designs available. Each has its own measurement tube arrangement but all work to essentially the same principle – the Coriolis Effect. Coriolis meters are primarily Mass Flow Meters and they can measure mass very accurately. When used for volumetric measurement, mass measurement is combined with a density value to provide a calculated volume flow rate

Rheonik Omega Tube Coriolis Sensors


The Rheonik Omega Tube meter mechanism consists of three distinct sections:

The Measurement Section

  • Pickup Coils – provide signals to the transmitter
  • Measurement Tubes – the part of the meter where the measurement takes place

The Meter Drive System

  • Mass Bars – provide stability and support to the measurement tube oscillation
  • Drive Coils – provide power to maintain oscillations at a constant amplitude
  • Torsion Rods – help energize and guide oscillation

The Meter Connection System

  • In/Out Section – decouples measurement tubes from process line stress and misalignment

Each section plays a specific role in ensuring that the meter performs at a high level when measuring flow. The following information briefly describes the role of the various components within the flow meter. And, how they interact to ensure accurate and reliable flow measurement, even in difficult conditions.

Flow Range

The Rheonik flow sensor range is one of the most expansive available. With line size connections from ¼” to 12”, the range of flow covered is second to none. Calibrated to perform with uncertainties down to 0.1% of the rate, Rheonik Omega design sensors provide precise and reliable measurement in thousands of applications around the world.

Line Size Options

A wide range of process connections is available to suit most applications. Where a special fitting or weld-in-place is required. Pheonix can provide engineering services and custom design the right inlet/outlet arrangement for your needs.

Material Options and Pressure Ratings

A range of wetted materials is offered as standard, each with its own set of pressure ratings depending upon line size. Custom material


Rheonik offers a wide range of wetted materials to suit a multitude of applications. The unique design of the Rheonik Omega Tube Coriolis meter allows many other materials to be used as a custom service. For applications with specific needs. Contact us with your requirements.


Only Rheonik offers so many different process connections as standard. The versatile design of the Rheonik Omega tube meter provides a perfect platform for customization and specialization. When sizing a meter, don’t consider the process connection size as the primary requirement. Rheonik mass flowmeters can be fitted with a larger fitting. So, select a meter based upon your required flow range first for the best possible performance. Contact us for your specific requirements.

Rheonik Coriolis Flow Transmitters

Whether an end-user or a system builder, Rheonik has a transmitter option that will meet your needs.

Depending upon your needs, the process transmitter range has fully featured multi-function units for safe area and hazardous area use or mass flow only units.

System builders and OEM customers will find low cost, small footprint high-performance options in our OEM range.



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