Jain Xonic 10G Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meter
Jain Xonic 10G Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meter

Jain Xonic 10G Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meter

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Xonic 10G Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meter

Xonic-10G Ultrasonic Flowmeter uses Ultrasonic Transit-Time Technology, it shows superior performance than the existing pressure gas flow meter. Depends on pipe diameter size, it uses one path or three paths ultrasonic sensor(s), and the temperature sensor is embedded to give compensation volume. Xonic-10G is developed as the first ultrasonic type gas flow meter in Korea.


  • 01 m/s Measuring low flow rates
  • Wide measuring range 200:1
  • No moving parts
  • pressure loss control
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • 2 Cross paths measurement
  • Temperature sensor, and the volume compensation


  • Natural Gas
  • Flare Gas
  • COG Gas
  • Bio Gas
  • Vapor Gas
  • Fuel Gas
  • Vent Gas

Field of Application

  • Natural Gas Flowmeter
  • AIR Supply Lines
  • Combustion Gas
  • Tunnel Air Flow Control
General Specification
Measurement method ultrasonic transit-time difference
Velocity Measurement -30 m/s ~ 30 m/sec
Minimum Velocity 0.01 m/s
Display Flow (Instant Flow, standard, mass), Total Flow, Velocity
Accuracy (Reading) 0.5%
Reproducibility 0.25%
Diagnostic Function the shape of the ultrasonic signal, value gain, ΔT, FFT
Measuring Gas Type natural gas, gas, AIR, combustion gas
Temperature -20 ~ +60℃
Explosion Proof IECEx Ex d II C
In / Output Relays Normally open
Analog Cut 4-20mA
Analog In 4-20mA
Communication RS-232C, RS-485 MobBus
Power 12~24VDC
Flange / Transducer
Flange Range 50 ~ 300mm flange type
Material Stainless 304
Temperature -20 ~ +80℃
Working Pressure 20 bar below
Temperature Sensor 500Ω 4 wire, -40 ~ +120℃


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