Seametrics WJ Series Cast Iron In-line Turbine Meter
Seametrics WJ Series Cast Iron In-line Turbine Meter

Seametrics WJ Series Cast Iron In-line Turbine Meter

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WJ-Series turbine meters are dry-register mechanical totalizers that offer accurate, economical reading of high flows with low pressure loss. The horizontal-axis turbine drives a vertical shaft, which is magnetically coupled to the sealed register.wj series Cas Iron Turbine Flow Meter

In addition to mechanical totalizing, registers can be equipped with magnetic pulse reed sensors well suited for remote totalizing, pacing of electronic metering pumps, and water treatment applications.

Bodies are manufactured of tough cast iron and epoxy-coated for protection. Tungsten steel shafts and jewel bearings further enhance the durability of these meters. Simple removal of the top flange brings out all parts for inspection, repair, or replacement. The meter has a tamper-evident seal to call attention to unauthorized access.

Compatible Seametrics controls include the PT35 pulse timer, the PD10 pulse divider, and the PS40 pulse splitter for running multiple pulse-responsive devices (e.g. pumps, counter timers and remote totalizers) with a single WJ meter.

Feature WJ Series

  • Non-resettable mechanical totalizer
  • 2, 3, 4, 6, 8” pipe sizes
  • Optional pulse output
  • Rugged construction
  • Accurate and economical


  • Remote totalizing
  • Pacing electronic metering pumps
  • Cooling water monitoring
  • Industrial fluid control
  • Water/Wastewater treatment


Materials Meter Body Cast iron, epoxy coating
Register Plate ABS plastic
Drive Magnet Alnico
Turbine Plastic
Turbine Shafts Tungsten steel
Bearings Jewel
Flanges 150 lb ANSI drilling
Maximum Pressure 150 psi (10 bar)
Maximum Temperature 105 ̊ F (40 ̊ C)
Accuracy Above Transition¹ ± 2% of reading
Below Transition¹ ± 5% of reading
Reed Switch 100 mA @ 24 Vac/dc
  • Specifications subject to change. Please consult before order.
    Note 1: See flow range table.

Flow Range (GPM)

2” 3” 4” 6” 8”
Minimum 2 5.3 8 20 33
Max. Continuous 132 352 528 1320 2200
Transition² 13 35 53 132 220


Dimension Seametrics WJ Series Cast Iron Turbine Flow Meter


The following installation recommendations are adapted from the American Water Works Manual M6, and will result in the best meter life and accuracy.

Piping Conditions

It is recommended that the meter be installed with at least ten (10) diameters of straight pipe upstream and five (5) diameters downstream from elbows, tees, crosses, valves, and other fittings. If less straight pipe is available, or if debris are likely to go through the meter, installation of a standard plate-type strainer directly upstream is recommended. If a basket-type strainer is used, it should be located at least five diameters upstream. Avoid conditions of trapped air or partially-filled pipe. This can occur when there is low flow and open discharge near to the meter.


The WJ meter is compatible with any standard 150 lb. ANSI drilling, flat or raised face. Take care that gaskets (included) do not protrude into the meter due to misalignment. Adhering the gasket to the meter flange with gasket adhesive is a good practice that will aid installation.


WJ-Series are all-position meters, and can be installed horizontally or vertically. Horizontal with register facing up is recommended when possible.

Download Datasheet: Seametrics WJ

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