Wafer Monitor Flow-Mon Turbine Flowmeter

Turbine Flow Meter Wafer Mount

Working on the same principle as Flow-Mon Ltd standard flow monitors the Wafer units are a great addition to the product range. The Wafer Flow Switch is simply mounted between two flange faces. The lighter weight Wafer but still giving a robust, reliable indication of flow is easier to install and remove for maintenance. The Wafer Series is considerably cheaper than the flanged equivalent.

2″ – 12″

Flow Rates:
0-50LPM Min – Max upon request
Mounted between 2 flanges. (see datasheet for flange configurations)
SAE and other specials are available upon request.

Body Material:
AL = Aluminium
B = Bronze
CI = Cast Iron
CIK = Cast Iron Nickel Plated
S = Carbon Steel
SS = Stainless Steel
DUP = Duplex (F51)

Various switching options are available in a standard nylon or metal (Bronze, Aluminium or Stainless

steel) enclosure box. SPDT, DPDT, 4-20mA for both safe and hazardous areas.

Please refer to the datasheet for more information.

Further Documents

Wafer Data Sheet

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