Dwyer VA-K Variable Area Flow Meter Kit
Dwyer VA-K Variable Area Flow Meter Kit

Dwyer VA-K Variable Area Flow Meter Kit

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Dwyer VA-K Variable Area Flow Meter Kit offers an economical means of acquiring diverse flow measurement capability. The kit includes a completely assembled flow meter (available with aluminum or 316 SS end fittings) and three interchangeable 150 mm flow tubes.

All flow tubes are supplied with a glass float installed. Spare 316 SS and Tantalum floats are included to extend flow capacities. Series VA-K kits also include a high flow valve cartridge, tripod base, tweezers, pushrod and locking tool for changing floats and flow tubes, correlation charts and plastic carrying case.

Flow includes Flow Transmitters, Flow Sensors, Flow meters, Sight Flow Indicators and Water Meters. Mass Flow meters, Controllers, Flow Indicators and Controllers are ideal for measurement of flow rates. Flow Switches come as paddle, thermal, piezo, and shuttle/piston.

Flow meters indicate flow rate. The different sensors include dial, in-line, ultrasonic, orifice plate, totalizing meters, variable area, venturi, or with switch output. The different designs of the flow meters have a variety of applications.

Dwyer VA-K Variable Area Application

  • Air and water analysis
  • Film processing
  • Chemical processing
  • Gas chromatography
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Alcohol and tobacco production
  • Pulp and paper
  • Semiconductor industry
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Dwyer VA-K Variable Area Specification

Scales Universal 150 mm scales with correlation chart.
Accuracy ±2% FS @ 70°F (21.1°C) and 14.7 psia (1 atm absolute).
Repeatability ±0.25% of scale reading.
Turn-down Ratio 10:1; 20:1 with combinations of two floats installed in meter.
Maximum Operating Pressure 200 psig (13.8 bar).
Maximum Operating Temperature 250°F (121°C).
Mounting Vertical.
Connection 1/8″ female NPT.
Flowtube Borosilicate glass.
Float Glass, 316 stainless steel or tantalum.
Float Stops PTFE.
End Fittings Anodized Aluminum or 316 stainless steel.
Front Shield Polycarbonate.
Side Panels Black, anodized aluminum.
O-rings Buna-N on aluminum models and fluoroelastomer on stainless steel models.
Valve Orifice Acetal on aluminum models and PCTFE on stainless steel models.

Download Data Sheet: Series VA-K Variable Area Flow Meter Kit

Ref: dwyer-inst.com

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