Series RSF Rotatable Scale Flow Meters

Dwyer RSF Rotatable Scale Flow Meters

Dwyer RSF Rotatable Scale Flow Meters are ideal for the direct flow measurement of air, water, and other commonly used gases. These flow meters are designed with direct read scales with no need for correlation charts and graduations are marked on a rotating, polycarbonate tube shield. They feature borosilicate glass tubes with brass and SS metering valve options.

The different sensors include dial, in-line, ultrasonic, orifice plate, totalizing meters, variable area, venturi, or with switch output. The different designs of the flow meters have a variety of applications.

Tapered bore in-line indicators for flow rate. Ideal for high purity or corrosive liquid applications, gas and liquid applications, air samplers and medical applications. Flow meters are shipped assembled and ready for panel mounting.

Dwyer RSF Rotatable Scale Features

  • Reflective lens background and 1.5 X magnification lens reduces parallax and eye fatigue saving time and allowing for a more accurate reading
  • Long operating life with thick polycarbonate front shield that protects tube from breakage and serves as a magnifying lens to enhance reading resolution
  • Increased protection with included safety blow-out back panel for added safety in the event of breakage


  • Water and air pollution analysis equipment
  • Water and air pollution analysis systems
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Dwyer RSF Rotatable Scale Specification

Service Compatible gases or liquids.
Wetted Materials Flow tube: Borosilicate glass; Float: Brass/SS models: 316 SS; PTFE models: PTFE; Float stops: Brass/SS models: 316 SS; PTFE models: PTFE; End fittings: Brass/SS models: Brass or 316 SS; PTFE models: PTFE; O-rings: Brass/SS models: Fluoroelastomer; PTFE models: PTFE.
Temperature Limits 250°F (121°C). PTFE models: 150°F (65°C).
Pressure Limits 150 psig (10.34 bar) @ 200°F (93°C); PTFE models: 100 psig (6.7 bar).
Accuracy ±7% FS.
Repeatability ±0.25% FS.
Scale Direct Reading 127 mm scales for air and water.
Turn-Down Ratio 10:01
Connections Two 3/8″ female NPT.
Mounting Vertical or panel mount.
Panel Cutout Drill two 7/8″ diameter holes 9.469″ (240.5 mm) apart (for panel mount meters only).
Valve 6-turn needle (standard on models indicating “with valve”).

Download Data Sheet: Series RSF Rotatable Scale Flow Meters