Dwyer A-IEF Series Electromagnetic Remote Display
Dwyer A-IEF Series Electromagnetic Remote Display

Dwyer A-IEF Series Electromagnetic Remote Display

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Dwyer A-IEF Series Electromagnetic Remote Displaycan be installed almost anywhere near a Series IEF flow transmitter or IEFB thermal energy meter. Both the indicator display (A-IEF-IDSP-RM) and the full functional display (A-IEF-FDSP-RM) have a maximum display cable length of 100 ft (30 m) to permit easy viewing of flow readings. The full functional display allows for convenient adjustment of configuration settings and can print the IEF or IEFB configuration from a computer.

Flow includes Flow Transmitters, Flow Sensors, Flowmeters, Sight Flow Indicators, and Water Meters. Mass Flowmeters, Controllers, Flow Indicators, and Controllers are ideal for the measurement of flow rates. Flow Switches come as paddle, thermal, piezo, and shuttle/piston.

Flow Transmitter are sensors with an electrical transmission output for remote indication of flow rate. The different transmitters are Ultrasonic, Paddlewheel: in-line, adjustable and fixed, electromagnetic: adjustable, in-line and fixed, and turbine: in-line. Accessories and Fittings for these flow transmitters are also in this category.

Electromagnetic flow transmitters are sensors with electrical transmission output for indication of liquid flow rate. Adjustable insertion length models are available. This liquid flow meter that uses a magnetic field to measure flow. Applications include municipal, industrial, irrigation, and conductive liquids.

Dwyer A-IEF Series Electromagnetic Features

  • Full functional display can be used to set up the IEF/IEFB and adjust the settings if the it is installed in a hard-to-reach location
  • Indicator display makes it convenient to read process values if the meter is inaccessible
  • Varying cable lengths of up to 100 ft (30 m) allows for installation flexibility
  • Easy to install and wire in the field


  • Hard-to-reach piping
  • Boilers and chillers
  • Chilled water
  • Condenser water
  • Make-up water
  • Heating water
  • Boiler feed water
  • Steam condensate
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Dwyer A-IEF Series Electromagnetic Specification

Temperature Limits Ambient: -4 to 158°F (-20 to 70°C); Storage: -40 to 185°F (-40 to 85°C).
Display 3.3″ diagonal graphic LCD. Backlight (full functional display only).
Enclosure Material Housing Powder coated die cast aluminum.
Enclosure Rating NEMA 4X (IP66).
Electrical Connection Removable terminal blocks, #22 AWG (100 ft (30 m) max).
Mounting Wall or pipe mount.
Mounting Orientation Any orientation.
Weight 2.46 lbs (1.12kg).

Download Data Sheet: Electromagnetic Series A-IEF Remote Display for Series IEF and IEFB

Ref: dwyer-inst.com

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