Kofloc Mass Flow Meter

Flow Meters and Controller for Gas Kofloc | Kofloc Mass Gas Flow Meter

Kofloc is the Manufacturing and sale of area flow meters, fluid control valves, electronic flow meters, various fluid controllers, nitrogen, oxygen, and ozone gas generators, fuel battery evaluation devices, deodorizers, water processors, etc.

Kofloc has four main product :

  • Gas Flow Instrument
  • Liquid Flow Instrument
  • Gas Generator
  • Engineering Device

Mass flow controllers

In comparison with the conventional mechanical products, the mass flow measurement/control technology used in a mass flow meter and controller extracts electrical signals from the flow without significantly influencing the temperature or pressure, thus permitting sophisticated flow measurement and control. The technology is widely used for manufacturing semiconductors, liquid crystal, optical fibers and other electronic devices, gas supply for fuel cells, and fuel gas control for burners, foods, biotechnology, as well as for experimental facilities and production/inspection systems in many other industries.

Kofloc Model Mass Flow Controller:

 Kofloc Mass Flow Meter

Kofloc Transmitter, Display, and Accessories for Flow

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