Flowma VFM60 Vortex Flowmeter

    Flowma VFM60 Vortex Flowmeter

    VFM60 is a powerful flow meter utilizing “Karman vortex” theory, which can meet the requirement of measuring the flow rate of various fluids such as gas, steam and liquid. The product uses the VFM60 transmitter technology, which provides with the excellent signal processing capability and enhance the vortex metering technology to a new level, which means it has lower measuring limit, better stability and accuracy. The unique dual-sensor design and special signal processing method has also ensured a better anti-vibration by eliminating the vibration signals to provide more reliable performance and lower measurement limit.

    • Sensor design that free from maintenance.
    • Self-diagnose function, ensure easier trouble-shooting.
    • Unique dual sensor technology excellent in anti-vibration.
    • Self density calculation function is optional, can calculate density and mass flow rate without mass flow computer. Can output mass flow rate, temperature and pressure by working with separate RTD and pressure transmitter.
    • Muti-variable version with built-in RTD and pressure sensor to measure standard/mass flow directly and display flow rate, temperature, pressure, mass flow rate and density as requires.
    • Unit selectable function, meet different requirement from different area.
    • Password can be set to protect setting model, easier for device management.


    • Extremely high sensitivity, minimum flow rate down to 2m/s
    • 1:35 super wide turndown ratio
    • Patent dual-sensor design and optimized signal processing technology to ensure best anti-vibration
    • No moving parts, very small pressure loss
    • Isolated design for electrical parts to eliminate interference
    • Wide power source adaptability to fit in different applications
    • 2 lines LCD display
    • Standard output is pulse and 4~20 mA, Hart@4~20mA and RS485 is available
      Metric/British Unit selectable
    • Density compensation function available, do not need flow computer for mass flow
    • Password protecting function and self-diagnose function


    • Compressed air, Nitrogen gas monitoring and custody transfer measurement
    • Monitoring the compressed air inlet/outlet of the compressor
    • Co2, Argon gas, oxygen
    • Gas drainage in coal mines
    • Measurement Nature gas, biogas process control, and custody transfer
    • Saturated steam, superheated steam monitoring & custody transfer
    • Dry, wet compressed air inlet/outlet of the compressor monitoring
    • Gas drainage in coal mines
    • Measurement Nature gas, biogas process control, and custody transfer
    • Measurement of conductive and non-conductive liquids



    ProcessFlangeDN15~DN300 or 0.5 inch to 12 inch
    connectionWaferDN15~DN300 or 0.5 inch to 12 inch
    MediumStandard-40 ~ 150 ℃ or -40 ~ 302 ℉
    temperatureMedium-40 ~ 250 ℃ or -40 ~ 482 ℉
    High-40 ~ 350 ℃ or -40 ~ 662 ℉
    Power Supply4~20mA 2 wise system13.5 ~ 42V
    VFM60MV with 4~20mA (2 wire )15.5 ~ 42V
    Modbus RTUCurrent Iq < 9mA 13.4 ~ 42V
    Reynolds and AccuracyGas/steam (m³/h)±1%RD(Re ≥ 20000)
    ±2%RD(10000 < Re < 20000)
    Liquid (m³/h)±0.75%RD(Re ≥ 20000)
    ±2%RD(10000 < Re < 20000)
    Gas/steam (m³/h)±1.5%RD(Re ≥ 20000)
    ±2.5%RD(10000 < Re < 20000)
    RepeatabilityVolume flow±0.3%
    Mass flow±0.3%
    Temperature±0.05 ℃
    Upstream/Downstream requires15 x D / 5 x D
    Details please check
    Viscosity allowanceDN15 or 0.5 inch ≤ 4mPas
    DN25 or 1 inch ≤ 5mPas
    DN40~DN300 or 1.5~12 inch ≤ 7mPas
    Anti-vibration (both punch and fixed freq)0.5g
    DisplayLCD displayer
    Saturated /superheated steam measurementSupport
    Natural gas/Biogas, ectHART(V5、V7)/ Modbus-RTU/ Pulse
    CommunicationHART(V5、V7)/ Modbus-RTU/ Pulse
    Explosive proofNEPSI Ex d II c T3 Gb

    Measuring Range

    MediumMin velocityMax velocity
    Gas6m/s for DN15, DN2060m/s (196.9 ft/s)
    4m/s, DN25、DN32
    2m/s, DN40 ~ DN300
    Steam6m/s for DN15, DN2070m/s (229.7 ft/s)
    4m/s, DN25、DN32
    2m/s, DN40 ~ DN300
    Liquid0.3m/s (1 ft/s)7m/s (23 ft/s)
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