Recorder, Display and Control

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Flowmasonic provides a comprehensive family of process instrumentation and control instruments including PID process controllers, digital indicators and paperless recorders. Industrial Recorders presents a comprehensive range of industrial recorder, instrumentation recorder products in this industrial recorder directory to provide industrial recording solutions. Featuring circular chart recorders, recoring controlers, strip chart recorders, inkjet recorders and paperless recorders.

Batch Controllers

The product group “Batch Controllers” offers multiple batch controllers in the N-Series, F-Series and D-Series product ranges. The batch controllers can be used for accurate dispensing of small amounts of liquids up to the loading of trucks with two-stage control and analog multi-stage control.

Human Machine Interface | HMI

The new generation of operator interfaces HMI 450, HMI 730, HMI 750, HMI 1050 & HMI 1550 . Operator interfaces are also well known as human machine interfaces, operator panels, operator interface terminals, HMI, human machine interface, industrial HMI, HMI screen, and HMI touch screen in different markets.

DL76 Data Logger

The DL76 is a battery-powered data logger (estimated battery life is 3-5 years, depending on usage) that can be used with any Seametrics flow meter. Pulses are stored in a choice of 6 sampling intervals from 15 seconds to 1450 seconds that give a capacity ranging from 11 days to 3 years. Indicator lights on the unit flash to indicate when it is functioning and when the battery is low.