RHM 03 Coriolis Mass Flow Meter

The RHM 03 can measure flow rates up to 5 kg/min (11 lb/min) with temperatures in excess of 400 °C and pressures to 868 bar. This model is a truly unique flexible  solution, manufactured by Rheonik, the mass flow meter experts.

The RHM 03 is an economical meter which has been in production over 15 years. This meter is available in a wide variety of models which makes it suitable for virtually all applications. As with all other Rheonik meters, this model is based on the patented Omega tube design with increased signal to noise ratio.

This unique design, which offers excellent performance and reliability, has created the most satisfied customers worldwide. Unlike other mass flowmeter manufacturers, Rheonik uses a patented torsion rod swinger with the Omega shape and support bars which results in high accuracy measurement, which is independent of pressure, even at very low flow velocities. The meter has also extremely good repeatability and high stability for critical applications.


Suitable for virtually any mass flow application, such as:

  • Batching
  • Dosing
  • General flow control
  • Injections
  • Filling


The outstanding features include:

  • Suitable for pressure up to 868 bar
  • Typical measuring ranges from 0.05 kg/min to 5 kg/min (11 lb/min)
  • Minimal flows as low as 0.0375 kg/min
  • Patented Torsion Swinger
  • Optimised solutions
  • Flow Accuracy of 0.10%
  • Repeatability better than 0.05%
  • Many different material and fittings available
  • Extra compact design with minimal space requirement
  • EEx Approvals (i.e. ATEX, CSA, …)
  • Custody Transfer Approvals (i.e. PTB, NMI, …)


  • No pressure effect – no deterioration of accuracy due to pressure changes by the patented Omega Shape
  • Patented torsion swinger design assures longest life time and increased safety (low stress in welds and increased wall thickness against abrasion)
  • No moving parts – practically no maintenance
  • Removable connection block


Max Flow 5 kg/min (11 lb/min)

1. Standart Model

2. Optimized Low Flow Models* / optimized to be operated between 0.015 x Q max and 0.3 x Qmax

3.  Gold Line Models/ application fine tuned meters

Repeatability : better ± 0.05 % of rate

Temperature : better ± 1°C

For serial (single pipe/path) sanitary design Qmax is 2.5 kg/min (50%). Data above refer to standard wall thickness.

Error of reading (including zero drift) indications refer to reference conditions H2O, 18-24°C (66-76°F), 1-3 bar (15-45 psi).

RHM sensor do not suffer from pressure effect due to torsional oscillation and semi circle (non-deforming) measurement section.

Temperature changes of +/- 25°C around the operating point are negligible.

Pressure drop refers to Newton liquids, with parallel measuring loops and block/manifold connection.

Nominal flow refers to approx. 10 m/s (33 ft/sec) velocity in measuring loops for best performance.

Calibration to customer range, with increased accuracy, possible.

General Outline Dimension Coriolis Flow Meter RHM 03

Type I (w/ removable manifold block – serial [SM0] / parallel [PM0] / PTFE seals)

Weight approx. 2.5kg (5.5 lb)                                                        Weight approx. 3.5 kg (7.7 lb)

A1=130 mm (5.12″)                        B1=25 mm (0.98″)                 H1=172 mm (6.77″)

A2=145 mm (5.71″)                        B2=40 mm (1.57″)                 H2=188 mm (7.40″)

                                                                                                     H2=196.5 mm (7.74″) for

                                                                                                     brazed block version

W = 0 mm for standard temperature models -45/-20 to +120°C (-49/-4 to +248°F)

     = 100 mm (36″) for extended (ET1, ET2) and high temperature models*


More Information please click : RHM 03 brochure


Small Size coriolis Mass Flow Sensor

ideal for embedded systems and precise small flow applications

  1. RHM 015 Low Flow Mass Flow Meter flow rate
  2. RHM 02 Low Flow Mass Flow Meter flow rate
  3. RHM 03 Low Flow Mass Flow Meter flowrate
  4. RHM 04 Low Flow Mass Flow Meter flow rate
  5. RHM 06 Low Flow Mass Flow Meter flowrate
  6. RHM 08 Low Flow Mass Flow Meter flow rate

Medium Size coriolis Mass Flow Sensor

Suited to industrial and process flow control and monitoring

  1. RHM 12  Mass Flow Meter flow rate
  2. RHM 15  Mass Flow Meter flow rate
  3. RHM 20  Mass Flow Meter flow rate
  4. RHM 30  Mass Flow Meter  flow rate
  5. RHM 40  Mass Flow Meter  flow rate

Large Size coriolis Mass Flow Sensor

Perfect for material movements in small and wide scale operations

  1.  RHM 60 Coriolis Flow Meter flow rate
  2.  RHM 80 Coriolis Flow Mass  Meter flow rate
  3.  RHM 100 Coriolis Flow Mass Meter flow rate
  4.  RHM 160 Coriolis Flow Mass Meter flow rate
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