Dwyer FS Flowmeter with Flow Limit Switch

Dwyer FS Flowmeter offers visual flow rate indication and an adjustable flow alarm to close AC electrical circuits, trigger warning lights, or activate other process control equipment. Spring-retained movable piston design allows installation in any position. Flow includes Flow Transmitters, Flow Sensors, Flow meters, Sight Flow Indicators, and Water Meters. Mass Flow meters, Controllers, Flow […]

Kawaki Measuring Instrument

KAWAKI MEASURING INSTRUMENT Co., LTD has manufactured parts of shield machine of major heavy industry manufacturers, hydraulic pressure-related parts of major machine manufacturers, and parts for protecting voltage inverters of major heavy electric manufacturers in addition to flow rate measurement gauge (flow meter, flow switch, flow sight etc.) since the initiation in April 1948. We […]

Kawaki Flow Sight Indicator (Transparent Type Sight Glass)

Kawaki Flow Sight Model and type : Kawaki FS type flow sight (transparent type sight glass) Model :` FS-I: without flapper FS-II: with flapper FS-B: ball contained FS-I-N: with nozzle FS-IV: for both purposes of forward and reverse FS-IV: for both purposes of forward and reverse FS-W: with wiper Bore size : 3/8B to 6B […]

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