Pressure Level Transmitter

Level Transmitter Pressure Level Introduction As the level of the liquid rises, the pressure in bottom part increases. Accordng to the difference of pressure, it is delivered to the gate of the sensor. And the pressure in the air pushes pressure cell. The electric signal generated by the pressure cell is converted to linear current value. Feature Easy install […]

Ultrasonic Level Sensor Honda HD350

Honda Ultrasonic Level Meter  HD Series HD serie Honda Elecronic Level Sensor are Level Sensor use ultrasound to count distance of level liquid Features Compact and light weight level meter which include sensor and display in one unit. Digital signal processor realized accurate measurement Graphical display Mask function equipped. : Unnecessary signal can be eliminated from […]

Mechanical Level Transmitter

Level Sensor Level Transmitter Mechanical Level Sensor Features For controlling motors and alarming to control. Easy to install and is generally used. Widely used to underground or roof water tank. Appropriate for short roof circumstance. Principles The buoyancy generated by the float operate the spring. And the gear connected to the spring moves to display the […]

Level Sensor

Level Meter Level Switch Level Transmitter Level sensor atau Level Control atau Level Tank merupakan peralatan untuk mengukur ketinggian suatu matrial didalam tempat tertentu baik tempat tertutup seperti tanki mauput terbuka seperti parit, bendungan, sungai atau laut. Ketinggian matrial tidak hanya berupa liquid namun bisa juga berupa biji-bijian maupun powder.                        Dalam menentukan jenis level […]

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