Level Sensor

Float Level Transmitter



FEATUREFor indicating liquid level and alarming to control.

■ Easy to install and is generally used.

■ Able to control motor continuously.

■ Able to control power seperately.

■ Able to use in chemical, industrial waste water, or food tank.

■ Coated sensor with PVC or PTFE is available for chemical tanks.

■ High temperature type or high viscosity type is available by special order.




  • It is widely used for ordering, controlling and alarming the liquid level.
  • The installation is quick and easy and is the most widely used water level measuring device.
  • By coating the sensor with P.V.C or PTFE, it is possible to use in the chemical tanks used for special purposes.
  • It is possible to consecutively control the motors as many as wanted
  • It is a widely used water level measuring device for sewage and waste water.




Providing electric voltage of DC 24V to the sensor, it makes output of 4~20mA current which is converted by resistors in the sensor.

The continuous fluctuation of the current is caused by the up-and-down movement of the float which has permanent magnet in it. Finally, the current output is transmitted to the controller.


  • Supply Voltage  : DC 24V
  • Output Voltage  :  DC 4 ~ 20mA
  • Max. Temp  : MAX 80℃
  • Flange : JIS 10K 100A FF
  • Material Stem : SUS304
  • Material Float : SUS304
  • Material Stopper : SUS304