SL3488 Inline Sitelab Ultrasonic Flow Meter

SL3488 Ultrasonic Flowmeter is a transit-time liquid ultrasonic flow meter which incorporates SLSI design and low voltage wide pulse transmission technology. It consists of a spool piece with wetted transducers, which is good for measuring liquid flows not containing a high percentage of suspended particles and bubbles continuously under industrial conditions. Compared with other ultrasonic flowmeters the SL3488 has the prominent characteristics of high dynamic response, high performance, high security and low cost.



  • Plant Effluents
  • Power plant flows
  • District heating companies
  • Mining
  • Petroleum industry liquids
  • Chemical Industry liquids
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Beverage Industry


  • SLSI design, low voltage operation, multi-pulse transmission, low power consumption, high     performance.
  • Optimized signal management Completed windows software design.
  • User can easily check the display and set up the parameters through the window.
  • Automatically or manually add flow functions with the power off.
  • High response, track flow change in real time.

The SL3488 transducer’s crust consists of transparent lid (made by PC material) and shell (made by ABS material). PC with the characteristics as, high strike intension, steady dimension, achromaticity transparent, good bepaint, good isolation and is able to bear causticity and attrition. ABS with the characteristics as, good rigidity,high strike intension, good mechanism intension, good wiring and is able to bear heat, microtherm and chemical medicine The different site of the pipe, the different velocity of flow and the middle of the pipe’s velocity is much faster than the close with pipe mural velocity. The velocity of flow’s section distributing illustration shows the distributing of the fluid in the pipe’s velocity of flow. Thinking over the influence of the velocity of flow’s section distributing, you can figure out the average velocity of flow. Then you can accord the pipe’s section area figure out the fluid’s cubage flux.medicine

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