Gastech Air Sampling Pump GSP-300FT-2
Gastech Air Sampling Pump GSP-300FT-2

Gastech Air Sampling Pump GSP-300FT-2

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GSP series Air Sampling Pump GSP-300FT-2

GASTEC developed a detector tube system utilising an electric suction pump in response to growing user needs for improvements in measuring time and routine in the working environment. Moreover, although the reagent filling density of detector tubes is generally high, making effective sampling with conventional electric suction pumps next to impossible at times, the compact GASTEC GSP-300FT-2 has a powerful suction performance that enables effective sampling with any of the designated detector tubes.

GASTEC’s new detection tube measurement system provides performance meeting the relevant measurement criteria for the respective working environment


  • Flow volume of 50-250mL/min can be set for the inserted detector tube
  • The fixed flow function automatically regulates load changes
  • Real-time flow volume and integrated flow volume are automatically corrected to the values for 20ºC
  • Automatic start enables sampling to begin after a preset time
  • Automatic stop at preset time/volume, with total flow and transpired time calculations
  • Ventilation system configured for uninterrupted sampling
  • Compact and lightweight; 10 hrs. continuous operation on 2 AA batteries
  • Specially-suited detector tubes for continuous workplace sampling (10 min.)
  • Formaldehyde tubes 91P, 91PL can be used
  • Activated carbon and other solid-collecting detector tubes can be utilised


Integrated flow rate 0-250mL/min
Real-time flow rate Parameters 50mL/min: 0.0-34.5kPa

100mL/min: 0.0-30.0kPa

150mL/min: 0.0-25.0kPa

200mL/min: 0.0-21.0kPa

250mL/min: 0.0-16.5kPa

Selectable modes Timer mode: Automatic shut-off of air pump at preset time; digital display of integrated flow rate

Fixed parameter mode: Automatic shut-off of air pump at preset volume; digital display of elapsed sampling time

Display LC Digital Display (backlict)

Real-time Flow Rate mL/min
Integrated Flow Rate 0.000-9.999L



Elapsed sampling time 0-999min
Configuration / features Mass flow sensor (with temperature correction) and diaphragm suction pump, dustproof, splashproof construction, automatic start function, and with initial presetting circuit for maintaining a constant volume of flow
Accuracy of real-time/integrated flow volume values Standard deviation of +/-5% (for a minimum real-time flow of 50mL/min at a fixed temperature)
Operating Temperature / Humidity range 0-40ºC(32- 104 ºF) 10-90%RH (no condensation)
Power source Alkaline dry battery AA type (x 2) allows 10 hrs. continuous operation with 2 AA batteries
Dimensions 80(W) x 40(D) x 140(H)mm
Weight 300g(including batteries)
Accessories Two alkaline dry battery AA type (x 2), detector tube adaptors, dustproof filters (x 5), screwdriver, black suction nipples (already attached before shipping), instruction manual, etc
Approval CE-marking(2004/108/EC)

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