Kofloc Constant Flow Valve For Liquid Model 2600-PPS Series

Constant Flow Valve for Liquid


This constant flow valve has been developed for use with liquids. It can control the liquid flow rate irrespective of pressure fluctuations on the primary and secondary sides. It can be used for hot water, as well.


1.Excellent constant flow valve characteristics for liquids

The valve composed of high-precision parts permits smooth control.

2.Immune to the effects of pressure fluctuations

The constant flow rate is maintained irrespective of pressure fluctuations on the primary and secondary (outlet) sides.

3.Control is possible from a very small flow rate in the 10 ml/min range.

4.An air-bleeding structure has been adopted for both upper and lower diaphragm chambers.

Air bleeding during initial flow rate setting permits high-accuracy control.

Standard Spesifications

Fluid : H2O

Flow rating (under H2O calibration conditions) :

a. 1-10 ML/MIN

b. 10-100 ML/MIN

c. 0.1-1 L/MIN

Control accuracy Note : ±3% FS

Operating differential pressure : 0.1 MPa or more

Operating pressure : 0.1-0.5 Mpa

Proof pressure : 0.7Mpa

Materials of parts in contact with fluids : PPS (containing 30% glass), SUS316, fluororubber, fluororesin

Operating temperature : 0-50℃

End connection : Rc1/8

Note: The accuracy of control is guaranteed when the temperature of the liquid being

measured is constant, because viscosity changes according to the temperature.

Please contact us for the details regarding specifications.