Dwyer GVS Series Piston Globe Valve Switch

Dwyer GVS Series Piston Globe Valve Switch offer accurate flow detection with 1% repeatability and external adjustability over a broad range of flow settings for compatible liquids. Shuttle or piston flow switches are sensors with an electrical contact output at a specific flow rate. Models are used with oil, air, water and gases. Applications include […]

LEEG PS858-TSR-H Monosilicon Gauge Pressure Switch

PS858 mono silicon gauge pressure switch is a high-performance pressure transmitter with international leading technology meticulously designed by LEEG instrument, using the world’s most advanced mono silicon pressure sensor technology and patent encapsulation technology. Monosilicon pressure sensor locates on the top of the metal body and stays away from the medium interface to realizes mechanical […]

Kofloc Constant Flow Valve For Liquid Model 2600-PPS Series

Constant Flow Valve for Liquid MODEL 2600-PPS SERIES This constant flow valve has been developed for use with liquids. It can control the liquid flow rate irrespective of pressure fluctuations on the primary and secondary sides. It can be used for hot water, as well. Features 1.Excellent constant flow valve characteristics for liquids The valve composed […]

Kofloc Multidial Type Precision Needle Valve MODEL 2412M SERIES

Multidial Type Precision Needle Valve (Ideal for restriction of flows by dial control operation) MODEL 2412M SERIES This is an enhanced model of the KOFLOC Precision Needle Valve Model 2412 (see page 102), which now incorporates a multidial that allows the user to set desired flow rates by dial operations. This valve makes the most […]

Kofloc Precision Needle Valve w/Non-rotary Needle MODEL 2412 SERIES

Precision Needle Valve w/Non-rotary Needle MODEL 2412 SERIES This needle valve has been designed to control minute gas and liquid flows with precision and ease. Design allows the rotation of the regulating screw to transform into linear motion of the needle without subjecting the needle to gaps and/or vibrations produced by the screw, so smooth, […]

Gast 4AM-70C-CB60 Geared Air Motor

Gast 4AM-70C-CB60 Geared Air Motor  (8 Vanes, Reversible)  Net wt. for standard configuration 60 lbs. (27,0 kg)  FEATURES 60:1 gear reducer Base mounting Optional mountings and shaft locations available Muffler AL445 (not shown) RECOMMENDED Filter AH103F Regulator AH104R Gauge AA806 Lubricator AH105L Oil AD220 – 1 quart (.94 litres) Repair kit K280A (Air motor only)

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