SiteLab SL1188 Clamp On Ultrasonic Flow Meter
SiteLab SL1188 Clamp On Ultrasonic Flow Meter

SiteLab SL1188 Clamp On Ultrasonic Flow Meter

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SiteLab SL1188 Clamp On Ultrasonic Flow Meter


Clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter sl1188 is a state-of-the-art universal transit-time flowmeter designed using SLSI technology and low voltage broadband pulse transmission.  While principally designed for clean liquid applications, the instrument is tolerant of liquids with small amounts of air bubbles or suspended solids found in most industrial environments.

Clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter  SiteLab SL1188 is a state-of-the-art universal transit-time Flow Meter for Heavy Industrial applications. Sophisticated electronics incorporating, the latest developments in a digital signal processor coupled. With powerful ultrasonic transducers deliver highly accurate flow measurement for liquids in full pipes.

Principally, an instrument designed for clean liquid applications. The instrument is tolerant of liquids with little air bubbles or suspended solids common in most industrial applications. Clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter SL1188 offers low power consumption, high reliability, and outstanding applicability at an economical price. An easy to read display and clear, user-friendly menu selections make using the instrument simple and convenient.

The instrument can be configured via keypad without any additional programming devices, is packaged in a die-cast IP65 housing, and is available in your choice of non-invasive clamp-on or insertion transducer configurations. The SL1188 ultrasonic flow meters feature a self-contained 4-20 mA current loop signal output for instantaneous flow. And there are has two independent temperature inputs for thermal energy monitoring.

Sitelab ultrasonic clamp on flow meter

The instrument features:

  • 7 digit alphanumeric display,
  • Parallel operation of positive,
  • negative and net flow totalizers (with user-selectable scale factors)
  • configurable pulse and frequency outputs (transmitted via a relay and open collector) for totalized flow.
  • 1G SD Card for data logging and the software to download stored data to your PC. installation


  • Accuracy +/-0.5% of Reading
  • Wide operating temperature range -40C to 150 C
  • One meter for a wide range of pipe sizes 25mm-5000mm
  • Clamp-on sensors are simple to install, leading to lower installation and labor costs
  • Clamp-on sensors mean no pipe cutting or process interruption and no plant shut-down
  • Wetted Sensors were available for acoustically dead pipes.
  • Hygienic measurement, no risk of contamination, suitable for ultra-clean liquids
  • Wide bi-directional Flow range of 0 to 12Metres/Second
  • Daily, monthly and yearly totalized flow
  • The internally configured batch controller makes batch control convenient
  • Measurement is independent of fluid conductivity or nonconductivity
  • 1G SD card high memory data logging, maximum memorize 512 days data.
  • Simple Menu has driven setup with a wide range of common pipe materials, liners, and fluids selectable.
  • Temperature inputs for energy measurement.


  •  Flow Range  : 0 to ±12 m/s
  • Accuracy : ± 0.5 % of reading
  • Repeatability : ±0.3% of reading
  • Pipe Size : 25mm to 5000mm
  • Outputs :
    • Analog : 0/4 to 20mA (max load 75Ω)
    • Pulse output : 0 to 9999Hz, OCT, (min. and max. frequency is adjustable)
    • Relay output : SPST, max 1Hz, (IA@125VAC or 2A @ 30VDC)
    • Communications : RS232, RS485 Mod bus
  • Power Supply : 90 to 245 VAC, 48 to 63Hz. Or 10 to 36 VDC (both are standard)
  • Keypad : 16 (4×4) key with tactile action
  • Display : 40 character, 2 line (20×2) lattice alphanumeric, backlit LCD
  • Temperature : Transmitter:-40C to 60C
  • Transducer : -40C to 100C Standard. -40C to 150C High temp.
  • Humidity : Up to 99%RH, (non-condensing).
  • Physical Specifications :
    • Transmitter: IP65 Die-cast aluminum
    • Transducer: Encapsulated design Standard/maximum cable length: 9m/305Metres
    • Weight Transmitter: Approximately 4.7 lb (2.15kg)
    • Transducer: 0.9kg (standard)
  • Explosion-proof enclosure (Optional)

If going to place a SL1188 ultrasonic flow meter in an explosive atmosphere  (hazardous area), the ultrasonic flow meter’s explosion-proof enclosure should be installed in a positively vented area.

The user must install the ultrasonic flow meters wiring in a safe area. Use explosion-proof threaded conduit unions between the wired conduits, conduits and junction boxes. Please use Ex-proof flexible cable conduits, if you need a flexible connection.

  • Material: Die-cast aluminum
    Explosion-proof rating: Exd Ⅱ BT4
    Electrical interface: 4×G1/2 ″
    Wmm: 0.15
    Ra:  3.2

Info : marketing@wmablog.com

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