Simplified Flexible Flow Meter Kofloc RK 1100 Series
Simplified Flexible Flow Meter Kofloc RK 1100 Series

Simplified Flexible Flow Meter Kofloc RK 1100 Series

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Simplified Flexible Flow Meter

(With Exchangeable Tapered Tube)


Kofloc RK 1100 Flowmeter

The flexible flow meter Kofloc RK 1100 is designed to permit easy disassembly, cleaning, and reassembly. It is ideal for equipment that must be disassembled for maintenance. Users can change the flow meter tube only without changing the block.

Feature Kofloc RK 1100

  • Easy disassembly and reassembly It can be disassembled just with a screwdriver and wrench. This flow meter is ideal when frequent cleaning or tube change is required. Sophisticated design Equipped with
  • Many shaped component parts and an aluminum body with a satin finish, the product has a sophisticated design.
  • High-precision flow meter A high-precision flow meter tube equivalent to that used in the precision flow
    meter RK1450 is used.
  • Models (1100V and 1100VP) equipped with a valve are also available.
  • The models with a needle valve come in two types
    •  a precision needle valve type 1100PV 
    • a simplified needle valve type 1100V.


  • In combination with various measuring instruments
  • Measurement of pipelines
  • Compressors
  • Semiconductor related equipment

Standard Specifications Kofloc RK 1100

Fluids Air,N2,O2,H2,He,Ar,CO2 (Calibration
with actual gas) For other gases, please consult us regarding conversion
conditions or calibration with the actual gas to be used
Flow range (FS) RK1100 10ML/MIN-20L/MIN
RK1100V 1L/MIN-20L/MIN
Accuracy FS ±2% (Measurement point) * Option:
FS ±1% (Measurement point)
Proof pressure 0.5MPa
Available scale 10:1 * Option 20:1
Materials S BS
Body block and some other components SUS304; SUS303 Brass
Tapered tube Pyrex®, glass
Packing FKM NBR
Float Pyrex, SUS316, glass
Protective cover Acrylic resin
(Temperature resistance) MAX60°
Connection Rc1/8(Standard);Rc1/4(Optional)
Info : marketing@wmablog.com

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