Precision Flow Meter for Pressure Regulator Kofloc RK4400 Series
Precision Flow Meter for Pressure Regulator Kofloc RK4400 Series

Precision Flow Meter for Pressure Regulator Kofloc RK4400 Series

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Precision Flow Meter for Pressure Regulator (for Cylinder Regulator)



The KOFLOC RK4400 Flowmeter Regulator Kofloc gas Flow Meter

KOFLOC RK4400 flow gauge meter has been designed especially for connection to precision pressure regulators and is widely used for cylinder regulators.


  • The precision needle valve Model 2412 is used for easy, fine adjustment of flow.
  • The flow meter tube made by high-precision molding ensures excellent stability and repeatability even if it is inclined.
  • The material, cleaning method, and assembly are carefully designed for the use of high-purity, high-price standard gases so as to eliminate waste losses, reduce the absorption of constituent gas and minimize the generation of other types of gas from the parts.
  • For cylinder regulators
  • For line regulators 

Standard Specifications

Flow range Standard 1-10ML/MIN, 5-50ML/MIN
      10-100ML/MIN, 50-500ML/MIN
      0.1-1L/MIN, 0.5-5L/MIN
      1-10L/MIN, 1.5-15L/MIN
Object gas Air,N2,O2,H2,He,Ar,CO2
For other gases, please consult us regarding conversion conditions
or calibration with the actual gas to be used. (Refer to page 56.)
Accuracy Within FS ±2%
Repeatability Within ±0.5% of reading
Proof pressure 0.3MPa
Temperature resistance 40℃
Scale Direct reading or mm scale (Refer to page
Needle valve Precision needle valve Model 2412
Material of exhaust
gas section
(B) Pyrex, glass, SUS316, Brass, NBR,
acrylic resin, fluorocarbon resin, glass
(SS) Pyrex, glass, SUS316, FKM, fluorocarbon resin, SUS304, glass
End connection Inlet: PF 1/4 thread
Outlet: Rc 1/4 (φ7 hose nipple) standard accessory



  • Almost all types of general cylinder regulators can be attached.
  • Refer to Model 7700 for a product equipped with a cylinder regulator.
  • Our company will select a needle valve.
  • Be sure to clearly indicate the supply pressure (preset pressure of cylinder regulator).
  • Info : marketing@wmablog.com

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