LEEG SMP858-NSF Monosilicon Differential Pressure Transmitter
LEEG SMP858-NSF Monosilicon Differential Pressure Transmitter

LEEG SMP858-NSF Monosilicon Differential Pressure Transmitter

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LEEG SMP858-NSF Differential Pressure transmitterPressure transmitter SMP858-NSF mono silicon is the best hygienic pressure transmitter meticulously designed by LEEG Instrument, with the world’s most advanced silicon pressure sensor technology and patent encapsulation process.

Pressure transmitter SMP858-NSF adopts full isolation seal structure to eliminate the humidity effects, suitable for severe wet cleaning occasion; double diaphragm overload protection structure to achieve the highest overload pressure 24MPa, suitable for severe pressure overload situations; strong transient voltage resistance to meet the standards of level 4 (Differential mode voltage: 2000V, common-mode voltage: 4000V), suitable for severe surge voltage occasion; seven temperature regions, 20 linearity points and 160 pressure calibration points, suitable for severe temperature change occasion.

Those leading manufacturing technologies redefine the best quality of hygienic pressure transmitters.


Measuring range & limit

Nominal value Smallest calibratable span Lower range limit (LRL) Upper range limit (URL) Static pressure limit High-pressure side overload limit Low-pressure side overload limit*
40kPa 4Kpa -40kPa 40kPa 10MPa 10MPa 10MPa
250kPa 25kPa -250kPa 250kPa 10MPa 10MPa 500kPa
1MPa 100kPa -500kPa 1MPa 10MPa 10MPa 500kPa
Adjust requirements: lower range value (LRV) and upper range value (URV) can be adjusted within the scope of the upper and lower range limit, when | URV | ≥ | LRV |, needs | URV | ≥ smallest calibratable span when | URV | ≤ | LRV |, needs | LRV | ≥ smallest calibratable span
The limit value of overpressure: depends on the pressure value of the parts with the lowest pressure capacity
Standard specifications and reference conditions
Test standard GB/T28474 / IEC60770; Zero based-calibration span, silicon oil filling, 316L stainless steel isolated diaphragm, 4-20mA analog output.
Performance specifications
he overall performance including but not limited to 【 reference accuracy 】, 【environment temperature effects】, 【static pressure effects】and other comprehensive error
Typical accuracy ±0.2%URL
Stability ±0.2% URL/ 5 years
Reference accuracy
Including linearity(BFSL), hysteresis and repeatability.
calibration temperature: 20 °C ±5 °C
Td ≤10(note) ±0.2%URL Nominal value:
Max value ±0.5% URL
Square root output accuracy is 1.5 times linear output accuracy
Note 1: TD is Turn down
when | URV | ≥ | LRV | , TD=URL/ | URV |
when | URV | ≤ | LRV | , TD=URL/ | LRV |
Ambient temperature effects
Within the range -20-80°C total impact ±(0.1+0.15TD)% URL
Static pressure effect
Effect on zero ±0.15TD % URL/4MPa
Effect on full scale ±0.2% URL/4MPa
Power supply effects
When the power supply voltage is within 10.5/16.5-55VDC, zero and span change should not more than ±0.005%URL/V
Mounting position effects
Install error less than 400Pa, which can be corrected by PV=0 reset.
Vibration effects
According to GB/T1827.3/IEC61298-3,<0.1% URL
Output signal
Two-wire 4-20 mA output with digital communications, linear or square root output programmable, HART protocol is superimposed on the 4-20mA signal.
Damping time
Total damping time constant: equal to the sum of damping time of amplifier and sensor capsule
Damping time of amplifier: 0-100S adjustable
Diaphragm capsule (isolated diaphragm and silicone oil filling)
damping time: ≤0.2
Startup after power off: ≤6S
Normal services after data recovery: ≤31S
Net weight: about 2.4kg(Tri-Clamp process connection accessory, without mounting brackets)
Power supply
Items Operating conditions
Standard/flameproof 10.5-55VDC
HART protocol 16.5-55VDC,communication load resistance 250Ω
Load resistance 0-2119 Ω for working condition,250-600Ω for HART protocol
Transmission distance <1000 meters
Power consumption ≤500mW@24VDC,20.8mA

Data Sheet LEEG SMP858-NSF Monosilicon differential pressure transmitter

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